9 Best Wedding Outdoor Ceremony Locations in Melbourne

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Getting married might instantly bring thoughts of going to Sydney to find an outdoor wedding venue. If you find all venues there already booked up for months, Melbourne is your next best choice. You may already live in the Melbourne area, making the search for outdoor locations all the more convenient. Here are the 9 Best Wedding Outdoor Ceremony Locations in Melbourne.




Ultimately, you’ll find just as many appealing outdoor locations for your wedding as you will in Sydney. What’s important is to find places suitable for your wedding entertainers Sydney to perform. Many outdoor locations provide space (and nearby indoor facilities) for this to occur without problems.

Take a look at nine of the best places, even though they frequently book quickly.

1. Ashcombe Maze

One popular outdoor spot in Melbourne is Ashcombe Maze, which is actually in Shoreham on the Mornington Peninsula. This place is known for its many gardens, giving you one of the best natural spots in the region.

With ubiquitous natural areas, your guests are going to find fun with the famous hedge maze on the grounds. The park also has a circular rose maze that’s equally fun and a sight to behold.

They have a cafe and facilities nearby to house your wedding entertainers later in the evening for the party.

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2. Fitzroy Gardens

Another popular spot called Fitzroy Gardens (named after Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy) offers everything in the way of nature. With plenty of well-sculptured gardens, trees, and flora, you have one of the best natural environments in Melbourne.

You’re going to need a permit to use the grounds, but it’s well worth it. Be sure to check out their contact page to find out how to do this through a City of Melbourne booking officer.

3. Greens Point

If you want a good outdoor view for your wedding, try Greens Point in Brighton near Melbourne’s city centre. You’re up on a high cliff here for some stunning city views.

Known for Brighton Beach Gardens, you’re not far away from the famous colourful bathing boxes and a notable pavilion. You can use the latter for your party. Nevertheless, the city views can bring stunning photo moments during your ceremony.

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4. St. Kilda Botanical Gardens

With so many parks and botanical gardens in Melbourne, it might seem overwhelming finding a wedding location. Try St. Kilda Botanical Gardens where you’ll find hundreds of tree specimens, a rose garden, and a subtropical rain forest conservatory.

It’s an excellent backdrop for your wedding. Keep in mind you’ll need permission to use the park for your ceremony. Receptions aren’t allowed on the grounds.

5. St. Vincent Gardens

As with many of the parks above, St. Vincent Gardens goes back to the 19th century and used for  events of all sorts. Countless weddings have occurred here over the decades, and you should look into it as a beautiful park option.

A bowls club is on one side, and a lawn bowls club is on the other to provide activities for your guests. You’ll also find a playground and benches for kids, family, and friends to use.

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It’s a good natural spot for a lone wedding entertainer as well, especially if performing acoustically.

6. Sorrento Historical Park

When you need a larger park to hold hundreds of guests, Sorrento Historical Park is only two hours away from Melbourne. It’s on a clifftop overlooking Port Phillip Bay and Sorrento Pier, including being at the end of the Mornington Peninsula.

Permits are a requirement, though the spacious grounds give you plenty of room for numerous activities. Entertainers can easily perform here, including on the helipad, or the rotunda.

7. Black Rock Beach

Don’t be timid in looking into beach locations for your outdoor wedding ceremony. Black Rock Beach in Half Moon Bay is one of many, yet private, small, and very intimate. If you have a limited guest list, this is a perfect spot to take your vows.

It’s easy to accommodate your guests with a large car park nearby. Beach access is by a nearby sturdy ramp.

8. Elwood Pier

Being directly on the sand can make it difficult for any wedding entertainers performing on the beach. Elwood Pier is a good outdoor spot thanks to a long concrete pier along Elwood Beach.

A very popular spot for weddings, you’ll want to also make reservations at nearby Sails on the Bay Restaurant. They manage your beach wedding and have perfect facilities for a wedding singer or band.

9. Mount Martha on the Beach

Here you have another popular beach spot for outdoor weddings. You’ll find Mount Martha in the Mornington Peninsula and the views are very spectacular, including cliffs nearby for photo moments.

One thing you’ll notice is how blue the water is on this beach. It’s great for photography, though the real convenience is all the wedding reception facilities within walking distance. Some of these are wineries, giving you great places for wedding singers or a full nine-piece band.

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