Sydney Wedding DJ + Band

Sydney DJ Hire – with a twist!

Lily Road Band not only offers exceptional live music for Sydney weddings, we also offer a world-class Sydney wedding DJ and live music combo. Lead by our DJ, we create the perfect musical backdrop to your Sydney wedding from the arrival of the first guests, to the happy couple’s entrance, through to the first dance. And when the wedding party really gets going, the unique combination of personal, electric live music underpinned by a epic DJ set will bring the house down!

Make your wedding a memorable one! Book a DJ with a live band!

Your favourite songs, performed live at your wedding, supported by a professional DJ back-beat will bring a unique touch to your reception – the real personal feel of live music with the dynamic complement of a professional DJ tempo.

Discover what a truly magical wedding can be with Lily Road’s unique Sydney Wedding DJ service

Demand the very best wedding DJ experience

Not all DJs are cut from the same cloth. As professional musicians, we’ve toured with the best audio professionals, so when we made the decision to enhance our wedding entertainment offering with a DJ, we sourced seasoned professionals.

In this configuration of the Lily Road Band, our DJs don’t merely support our musicians, they lead the team by setting the tone. The result is wedding music magic and your Sydney wedding is sure to stand out.

Your guests and family will love hearing your favourite songs set to a modern twist. They’ll crowd the dance floor until the wee hours and make it a wedding day to remember!

What sets our Sydney Wedding DJs apart?


Having a few years of solid experience is the main ingredient separating the best and worst wedding DJs. Ideally, you are looking for a DJ that has already performed at least 50-100 weddings and has some good reviews and testimonials along the way.

So much is learned on the musical journey that by the time they get to you, you want them to be absolutely awesome and in fine form, whether it is a wedding DJ combination with an acoustic duo or with a five-piece band, you’ll want a musical team with a solid experience under their belt.


Does the DJ look sharp? Are they ready to capture the mood, finely atuned to the key elements of your wedding? Are they ready for the guest arrivals, the bridal entrance, the first dance, etc. Our wedding DJs are experts at their craft. You’re welcome to book in a trial demo!


These days, it’s easy to navigate around with the help of a GPS, but you still need to know the lay of the land and anticipate traffic conditions. This gets back to the point of having experience and having done it all before.The last thing you want is your band turning up late to your big day!


 Experienced Sydney wedding DJs will have played at wedding venues time and time again. This means they can advise on key elements, such as:

  • Whether there are sound restrictions or not?
  • Will the ‘in house’ microphone be equipped and loud enough for speeches?
  • Will the venue provide top service in general?
  • Will there be enough food for everyone?
  • Is the food tasty? (And will attendees want time to enjoy it and the lively conversation that typically accompanies a fine meal.)
  • How much space is there for the dance floor and band to set up? (And how much equipment does the band need to provide in that space?)

There are plenty of fantastic wedding venues in Sydney with a ton of pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels ready to accommodate weddings of any size. Surrounding areas such as the Hunter Valley and the Southern Highlands are also just around the corner. Experienced wedding DJs will know most venues intimately and will have welcome recommendations as to which AV and sound system to use depending on the venue.

Here are a few top venues Lily Road would like to recommend:


Does the wedding band you are looking for have an extensive song list? It’s important that the band has a large repertoire of songs for weddings. This would mean that they can adapt and play songs of all genres spanning over generations to cater to all your guests and friends and family on the night. Knowing the right songs to play at the right time is SO important as the music accompanying.


You’ve seen them countless times at wedding expos around Sydney, you’ve been referred their name by a friend, you’ve done a random Google search and they have appeared on or simply you have typed in key phrases such as wedding entertainment, best wedding bands, wedding singer, wedding singers or wedding bands and there they are!

Those are the signs of a reputable business. It means you’re dealing with a serious and professional wedding music band. Clearly, they promote themselves and are confident in their ability to provide quality wedding entertainment for your special day. And now, they’re enhancing their offering with a new Sydney wedding DJ and music band offering!

If the DJ you have chosen ticks all of the above boxes, then you are likely to have a beautiful wedding to remember. Look to Lily Road to continue its proud tradition of creating beautiful musical wedding memories. 

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