Melbourne Indian Wedding Ideas and Popular Venue Choices

Indian weddings are beautiful and festive. When you are getting married in Melbourne, it’s important to incorporate various aspects of the Indian culture into your ceremony and reception if this is part of your heritage. We can help you find the best songs for weddings and even make recommendations on the best venue choices. Here are some Melbourne Indian Wedding Ideas and Popular Venue Choices.

Sydney Irish Wedding Ideas and Popular Venue Choices

Irish weddings are a lot of fun. When you or your partner is Irish, you may want to bring in the Irish heritage throughout the various aspects of your ceremony and reception. There are quite a few ideas to incorporate. Additionally, you may want to explore some of the popular venues throughout Sydney. Once you have the venue, you can then start to find a wedding singer. Here are some Sydney Irish wedding ideas and popular venue choices. 

Melbourne Irish Wedding Ideas and Popular Venue Choices

It’s important for your wedding to be perfect. When you are planning an Irish wedding, there are several ideas to consider, ranging from the dress to the wedding singers. Additionally, you want to consider some of the various venue choices available to you in Melbourne. Here are some Melbourne Irish Wedding Ideas and Popular Venue Choices.

Engagement Ring Shopping in Melbourne and Wedding Entertainment

The connection between the engagement ring you buy and the theme of your wedding aren’t very far apart if you want consistency. When planning a wedding, what you wear is going to help represent the theme you’re going for, and this includes the ring. Read on further to find out more information on Engagement Ring Shopping in Melbourne and Finding a Theme for Your Wedding Entertainment.

Top 10 Hens Party Location Ideas in Melbourne

Your big day is fast approaching, but, before the big day, you’ll want a night to celebrate with your girls. Below you’ll find 10 ideas to help you have the best hen party celebration possible. So let loose, and have some fun with your favourite ladies. Here are our Top 10 Hens Party Location Ideas in Melbourne. 

Top 5 Modern Wedding Venues in Melbourne

The opportunities for wedding venues throughout Australia are vast, especially along any waterfront. If you were hoping to have your wedding in Sydney, Melbourne is going to provide equally excellent wedding venues year-round. Here are our Top 5 Modern Wedding Venues in Melbourne.

Top 5 Modern Wedding Venues in Sydney

Finding a wedding venue in any Australian city is going to mean booking ahead to avoid losing out on the places you really want. While Sydney has more wedding venues than you can count, a lot of them book up fast. However, more than half of them provide a more vintage atmosphere in old mansions or gardens. Read on further to discover the Top 5 Modern Wedding Venues in Sydney.

Top 5 Wedding Dance Tips From Dance Styles to Music Genres

Dancing is going to become a big part of your wedding party, and it means preparing more than you think to make this successful. Whether or not you’re a good dancer, you’ll want to let your guests dance at the party while leaving room for you and your bride (or groom) to dance together. Here are our top 5 wedding dance tips from dance styles to music.

Transform Your Melbourne Wedding with Rented Wedding Furniture

When you think of wedding furniture, your backside might begin to ache a bit in anticipation of folding metal chairs dressed up in awkward decorative slip covers. Here are ideas on how to transform your Melbourne wedding with rented wedding furniture.

10 Wedding Planning Myths

Does it seem like everyone has an opinion about your wedding plans? Flip through magazines, have tea with your grandmother, scroll through Pinterest…and you begin to doubt every decision you make. Read on to discover 10 wedding planning myths.

Does your Sydney Wedding Venue have Deal Breaker Restrictions?

Imagine your wedding day details: Dancing to your favourite wedding singer well beyond the witching hour. Dining on fresh-caught seafood, while your bridal party toasts your new life journey with the finest Australian sparkling wine. Now imagine if none of these were possible because you booked your wedding venue without carefully inspecting their terms? The question should always he asked. Does your Sydney Wedding Venue have Deal Breaker Restrictions?

Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2018 in Sydney and Melbourne

Your wedding is supposed to be special. As you start the planning process, you might want to consider the top wedding trends of 2018. These will impact what you wear, where you get married, what you have at your reception, and even what the wedding singer does at your wedding.  Here are the top 10 Wedding Trends of 2018 in Sydney and Melbourne.

Top 10 Ideas for Wedding Food in 2018

Everything about your wedding should be personalized to your preferences. You may be looking for creativity from your venue, your wedding entertainment, and even your food. There are all sorts of wedding food options to explore. Here are the Top 10 Ideas for Wedding Food in 2018.

Top 10 Popular Sydney Wedding Photo Locations

There are a variety of popular wedding photo locations throughout Sydney where you may want to be photographed. This can help you to have some amazing photos to remember long after a wedding singer has stopped singing and the guests have gone home. Here are the Top 10 Popular Sydney Wedding Photo Locations.

Top 10 Popular Melbourne Wedding Photo Locations

You want to make sure that you have the best of everything, ranging from the best wedding singers to the best photo sites. We have compiled a list for you. Here are our Top 10 Popular Melbourne Wedding Photo Locations.

Croatian Wedding Ideas and Popular Venue Choices in Sydney

For Croatian couples, food is an aphrodisiac and an intrinsic part of weddings. From herb-infused seafood to black risotto, the Croatian penchant for flavourful food is evident. Of course, no Croatian wedding is complete without the traditions that accompany it. Here are some Croation Wedding Ideas and Popular Venue Choices in Sydney.

Seven Common Restrictions Imposed by Melbourne Wedding Venues

over the venue’s contract terms. Later down the road, in the planning stages—or worse, on the day of the wedding—you’re shocked to discover that the venue has severe restrictions on what you can or cannot do. Have a read: Who’s in Charge? Seven Common Restrictions Imposed by Melbourne Wedding Venues.

Top 10 Tips For Your Wedding Dance

Your wedding reception is supposed to be memorable. You have gone to great lengths in order to find wedding singers and now you want to make the most of your wedding entertainment. Dancing at your wedding should be fun and exciting. Here are our Top 10 Tips For Your Wedding Dance.

Top 10 Things Couples Regret About Their Wedding Day

Weddings should be the most memorable and special event of your life. Unfortunately, couples often regret a variety of details, ranging from the food to the wedding entertainment. You may spend months or even years focusing on all of the details. Looking at the various things that could (and have) gone wrong may make it easier for you to avoid similar problems. Here are the Top 10 Things Couples Regret About Their Wedding Day.

Top 10 Wedding Deserts That Doesn’t Involve A Huge Cake

There are a lot of things involved with setting up a wedding. You find a venue, book wedding entertainment, and order a cake. However, there is a new trend. Rather than getting a three or four-tiered cake, brides and grooms are choosing other wedding desserts. The alternatives may be just what you need in order to have a memorable wedding. Plus, there are plenty of songs for weddings that you can cut something other than a cake to. Here are some ideas for our top 10 wedding deserts that doesn’t involve a huge cake.

Top 10 Wedding Guests Complaints and How You Can Avoid Them

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and best days of your life. It’s a day you’ll look back on through videos and pictures for years to come. Weddings should be entertaining, magical, and beautiful, but they can become disastrous if they’re not planned correctly. While going through your checklist to create the perfect wedding, take a look at these top 10 wedding guests complaints and how you can avoid them. 

The Cheapest Way to Have a Wedding in Melbourne

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is said to average $36,200 (if not far more) in recent years, giving fear to many. Here are some tips on the cheapest way to have a wedding in Melbourne.

The Cheapest Way to Have a Wedding in Sydney

Now that you’ve decided to tie the knot this autumn in Australia, have you realised what your wedding budget is? With weddings potentially being one of the most expensive things you’ll deal with in life, you may feel like postponing things until you have a larger income. Here is the cheapest way to have a wedding in Sydney.

Planning your Company’s Employee Appreciation Event

Imagine that, as an HR manager, you’ve been tasked with organising an employee appreciation event or team building program. If you work for a large corporation, you can hire a top-level event planner and, after determining the right theme and budget, be done with it. But if you’re with a small to mid-size company, the pressure’s on you to throw an event that’s exciting and memorable, and not anticipated as yet another compulsory meeting in disguise. Here are some tips on Planning your Company’s Employee Appreciation Event.

Are you planning a Milestone Wedding Anniversary or Vow Renewal?

It’s been decades since you walked down the aisle. Now, you’re about to do it again. You’re nervous; you fiddle with your bouquet as you peer through the doorway to the church nave. There, at the end of what seems to be a kilometer-long aisle, stands your bridegroom. He’s beaming. Are you planning a Milestone Wedding Anniversary or Vow Renewal?

5 Swoon Inducing Ideas to Make your Proposal Memorable

You know she’s the one. You’ve bought the perfect ring, and you want to make your proposal special. You’ve heard of your mates bending the knee at Sydney’s most romantic restaurants, or hauling their ladies to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge, but you want to let the love of your life know that she’s landed someone who will cherish her enough to make your engagement special. Are you stuck for ideas? Here are 5 Swoon Inducing Ideas to Make your Proposal Memorable.

9 Best Wedding Outdoor Ceremony Locations in Melbourne

Getting married might instantly bring thoughts of going to Sydney to find an outdoor wedding venue. If you find all venues there already booked up for months, Melbourne is your next best choice. You may already live in the Melbourne area, making the search for outdoor locations all the more convenient. Here are the 9 Best Wedding Outdoor Ceremony Locations in Melbourne.

Finding the Perfect Engagement Rings in Melbourne

Getting married is the biggest step we’ll ever make in life, yet setting an early theme with your engagement ring can say a lot about your new union. If you and your future spouse plan to shop for an engagement ring soon, you’ll find a lot of great places to shop in Melbourne. Here is some help with finding the perfect engagement rings in Melbourne.

10 Different Ideas for Styling a Wedding in Sydney

Finding the right style for a wedding can often become challenging when you like different things. This is why you should always work with a wedding planner to come up with myriad style ideas pertaining to your tastes. Here are 10 Different Ideas for Styling a Wedding in Sydney.

Top 9 Best Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Locations in Sydney

As a lover of the outdoors, you (and your bride or groom) may prefer your upcoming wedding occur in outdoor spaces. Even though you love nature, maybe you haven’t yet figured what location would suit your wedding theme. Here are some ideas on the Top 9 Best Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Locations in Sydney.

6 Unique Ideas Which Will Make Your Wedding Ceremony Unforgettable

It’s at the wedding ceremony that you officially join together, where the two of you become one.  In other words, if your reception is about celebrating this new union, the wedding ceremony is about creating that union. Here are 6 unique ideas which will make your wedding ceremony unforgettable.

Using a Wedding Planner App for Your Wedding

Mobile apps are everywhere now, and it seems there’s a planner for virtually any situation. Wedding planners are just as ubiquitous, but what kind of features are the most useful? Here are some tips on using a wedding planner app for your wedding

6 Ways to Make Bridesmaid Hair Unique

Every woman has varying locks, and different tastes when it comes to hairstyles. To keep everyone happy and give your girls a unique look, consider these trendy styles for your bridesmaids. Here are 6 ways to make bridesmaid hair unique!

Different Ceremony Location Options for your Wedding

The location for your wedding is still perhaps in planning stages, but it’s something you shouldn’t take lightly. Considering the ceremony is going to require decorating, accommodating guests, food, and wedding entertainment, the surroundings need careful scrutiny. Here are some different ceremony location options for your wedding. 

Top 10 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

There are a few unique items you may consider including on your wedding registry that you might not have thought of. Keep these fun and unexpected gift ideas in mind. Here are the top 10 unique wedding gift ideas.

Hiring the Right Celebrant for Your Wedding

You’re ready to exchange vows, and you have your bridesmaids picked out. Even your flower girl has her dress ordered. But, there’s one problem: you don’t have a wedding officiant. Read on for tips on Hiring the right celebrant for your wedding.

10 Things to ask a Wedding Venue Before Booking

If you think you have most things planned for your wedding, the venue you need is perhaps still up in the air. While it’s true that it’s challenging to book a wedding venue without doing it months in advance, you have a lot more to think about. Read on to discover 10 things to ask a wedding venue before booking. 

10 Things to be Aware of at an Outdoor Ceremony

If you have a romantic soul, you instinctively sense the importance of location. Some of the most charming weddings around the world are held outdoors. The magical ambiance of idyllic beaches, scenic gardens, or enchanting forests can imbue your special day with joy and contentment. Here are 10 things to be aware of at an outdoor Ceremony.


It’s your wedding day! You’ve dreamed about it, worked on it, planned it, fussed and worried over it. And it’s finally THE BIG DAY. It’s done down to the last detail and it’s all on point. What could go wrong? Here are the Top 10 things to look out for at weddings so your big day doesn’t become chaos.


Less than 20 years ago, communicating your wedding to family and friends was primarily all about sending invitations by snail mail. In the internet era, all of that started to gradually change as people realised how useful a website is for promoting weddings. Here are some tips for designing a basic website for your wedding. 

10 Common Wedding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Things that can go wrong on what should be the happiest day of your life if you don’t make careful plans for your wedding, and anticipate all the things which can go wrong. Here are 10 common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Engagement Ring Shopping in Sydney

Sydney is home to a number of quality jewellers so take your time and shop around before coming to a decision. Here are a few of the hot spots you and your soon-to-be spouse should check out before making a purchase. Enjoy your engagement ring shopping in Sydney!

Wedding Songs to Celebrate Family and Friendships

You’ve already got a few favorites, but rather than leave the rest up to chance, why not use your wedding and reception music to honor your relatives and friends? Have a read about wedding songs to celebrate family and friendships.

The Gift Etiquette Guide for Wedding Guests

As a professional wedding band, Lily Road has seen it all and we have all the eitquette answers right here. Have a read The Gift Etiquette Guide for Wedding Guests

Men’s Wedding Suits for a Sydney Wedding

As the groom of your upcoming wedding, have you made any final decisions on what kind of suit you’re going to wear? If this is your first wedding, you might think all wedding suits look the same. In truth, you’ll find numerous stylistic options to help you stand out from your male friends and family at the venue. Here are some things to think about for Men’s wedding suits for a Sydney wedding.

Planning your Sydney Engagement Party

Planning the party side of your wedding needs some careful attention, especially when you realise the entertainment you hire holds everything together.  Have a read! Planning your Sydney Engagement Party: Find the Right Entertainment for Guests

Bridesmaids Dresses for Sydney Weddings of Style

From the colors you choose to the style of the dress, the bridesmaids dresses reflect who you are as a bride and typically showcases your wedding colors. Here are a few bridesmaids dresses for Sydney weddings of style that you may find helpful.

Sydney Wedding Transport: Ride in Style

Whether you want to leave your ceremony in a luxury car like the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead or need a Deluxe Mitsubishi Rosa Coach that will transport your entire family – there is something for every need. Check out Sydney Wedding Transport: Ride in Style.

Find Wedding Invitations That Are As Unique As You

There are quite a few styles of wedding invitations to find and here are just a few examples of some that may be a little different than what you are used to seeing. Have a read on how to find wedding invitations that are as unique as you.

How to Prepare to be a Wedding MC: Part 2

Whether you’re breaking into professional wedding entertainment or you’ve been asked by a friend to MC their special day, you’ll want to follow some essential steps to prepare. How to Prepare to be a Wedding MC: Part 2

The 3 Best Places for Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney

When you have a favorite song that you love and it describes every moment of your relationship, you want to combine it with a first dance that mirrors this feeling. Read on to find out the 3 best places for wedding dance lessons in Sydney.

Hens Party Ideas for Every Bride to Be

When it comes to planning for your wedding, you can’t forget about having the ultimate Hen Party. This is a time to kick back and enjoy the time with your friends before you tie the knot. If you are not sure about what it is you want to do, here are some Hen Party ideas for every bride to be.

Envision a Future Wedding For Same Sex Couples in Australia

With marriage equality being a major topic around the world, the good news is Australia has strong support for same-sex marriages. In fact, did you know 72% of all Australians now support marriage equality? These same statistics show 85% of all young people in Australia show the same support, bringing a positive sign in what lies ahead. Let’s envision a future wedding for same sex couples in Australia.

Professional Sydney Wedding Makeup Artist Nardin

Choosing the dress, veil, jewelry, shoes, and reception dress are all important choices, brought together by stunning makeup that enhances the bride’s natural allure while creating a subtle sense of magic that infects the entire wedding experience. Be sure to consider a Professional Sydney Wedding Makeup Artist Nardin.

Sydney Wedding Flowers Best Buds

Not all bouquets are going to work in every venue you find in Sydney or Melbourne. Check out Sydney Wedding Flowers Best Buds to make the right decision.

Sydney Eastern Suburbs Venue Horizons Maroubra

You'll find a lot of wedding venues along Sydney beaches, though it's challenging to find one that gives you nearly uninterrupted views from every vantage point. Sydney Eastern Suburbs venue Horizons Maroubra is one good example where you'll find the largest beach...

Weddings at Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley

Weddings at Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley are very special occasions. Flanked by gorgeous landscaped gardens at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley is a dream venue for the perfect wedding.

Your Stunning Blue Mountains Wedding Venue Seclusions

One of the best wedding venues is Seclusions, which provides a rustic, romantic, and customised retreat for your upcoming wedding event. We strongly recommend exploring your stunning Blue Mountains wedding venue Seclusions.

Sydney Wedding at Doltone House Hyde Park

If you’re looking for a perfect wedding venue in the Sydney area, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many as luxurious as your Sydney Wedding at Doltone House Hyde Park.

Your Dream Wedding at the Grounds of Alexandria

Planning your big day? There are so many things to consider, so many details. Venue and wedding entertainment are often at the top of the list, along with food and flowers. When it comes to venues, you have many options, but some simply stand out more than others. Why now consider your dream wedding at the Grounds of Alexandria.


Are wedding bells ringing in your future? If so, let me first congratulate you and your soon-to-be-spouse on the engagement. Marriage is a symbolism of unconditional love, as well as the merging of two families. Let’s have a think about your perfect beach wedding at the Boathouse Palm Beach.

Sergeants Mess Your Premier Wedding Venue

We know it can feel like a lot of pressure choosing the right wedding venue but one thing is for sure, if you are dreaming of a wedding that is elegant and classy, Sergeants Mess your premier wedding venue may be the option you are looking for.

9 Sydney Wedding Beach Venues that will Inspire you

The engagement ring is on your finger and the date’s been set. Now comes the decision of a lifetime—just where will you experience this grand, awe-inspiring, moment-to-remember, forever-cherished with the love-of-your-life event? We’re here to help. Sit back and relax while surfing through 9 Sydney wedding beach venues that will inspire you.

10 Unexpected Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Before moving onto 10 Unexpected Wedding Entertainment Ideas it’s a great idea to look at an absolute essential- live music. A live band is a great way to bring a party alive! For those searching for the best wedding band in the Melbourne and Sydney areas, look no further than Lily Road.

Top 7 Sydney Harbour Wedding Venues

Here are the Top 7 Sydney Harbour wedding venues you should consider. We hope you find this helpful in making the right decision to make your day the perfect occasion you need it to be.

More Ideas for Ceremony Songs for Weddings

Along with the guests, the flowers and the dress, the music that you choose, speaks of your own personalities and your unique love for one another. We are delighted to bring you more Ideas for Ceremony Songs for Weddings

Top 30 Bridal Entry Songs for Weddings

As your main wedding band contact in Melbourne and Sydney, let’s have fun and look at our expert picks for the top 30 bridal entry songs for weddings.

Top 20 Father and Daughter Dance Songs for Weddings

You’ve checked out the best wedding bands, scheduled your wedding entertainment, spoken to a dozen wedding singers, and created a list of songs for weddings. But you forgot one important person–no, not your husband to be. You forgot about your father. You need a list of the top 20 Father and Daughter Dance Songs for Weddings

Top 50 Bouquet and Garter Songs for Weddings

For your Sydney Wedding Band or Melbourne Wedding Band and contact, we’ve made a helpful list of the Top 50 Bouquet and Garter Songs for Weddings that everyone will love.

Top 50 Dinner Songs for Weddings

When picking songs to set the mood for your wedding dinner, there are a few things to consider. You’ll want to set a relaxed vibe that will allow your guests to relax and enjoy their meal, as well as their fellow guests and atmosphere. Here are a few tips for selecting music to accompany your wedding dinner as well as a list of the top 50 songs for weddings to set the mood.

Top 30 Ceremony Songs for Weddings

When planning a wedding there is so much to think about. From flowers to dresses you will be kept busy making sure everything is perfect. There is one thing you shouldn’t leave till the last-minute, the music. Having a little peek through our top 30 songs for weddings will give you some solid ideas to help connect you with your future spouse and bring everlasting memories.

Our Top Bridal Waltz Songs for Weddings

Your wedding means you are celebrating your love with the closest people in your life and you want the right wedding entertainment choice to reflect this. These are our top 50 Bridal Waltz songs for weddings that we feel will enrich and enhance this special day.