Your choice of music: Bringing a sense of home to your destination wedding

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

When it comes to having a destination wedding, you want to feel as though your celebration is true to who you are, even while you’re abroad. By including a few details that remind you of home, you can create the perfect balance between a fresh, exotic wedding celebration and one that incorporates all your cosy home comforts.


Your choice of music: Bringing a sense of home to your destination wedding


One of the best ways to bring a sense of home to your destination wedding is through the music that you choose. Let’s take a look at a couple of options to consider as you get that wedding entertainment booked in for the big day.

Culturally significant music

Choosing to host your wedding abroad doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the traditional celebrations of your home country. In fact, you can choose to include as many or as few of these traditional practices and customs as you wish.

You might want to incorporate a culturally significant wedding dance into your reception, which will usually come with a specific style of music or song that it should be performed. Or, you may simply want to make use of genres that are native to your culture and community – think Italian opera, Spanish bolero, or Caribbean calypso or reggae. 

No matter what kind of music you choose to play, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to stick with just one style all day long. Tying in these cultural moments alongside your core band/ preference artists to cover the ceremony, canapes music, and dance floor options means that you get the benefit of both modern and traditional music throughout your wedding day. By mixing up your song selection, you can party to all the modern hits whilst also enjoying all the traditional tunes that truly make you ‘you’.

Songs with a special meaning

Most of us have a number of different songs that we associate with certain memories throughout our lives. These essentially make up the soundtrack of our years, and as such, each tends to feel particularly special and meaningful.

Incorporating some of this music into your celebration is a wonderful way to remind you of home as you dance the night away. You may want to include the songs of happy memories that you’ve shared with your partner in your home together or tunes that you both enjoyed as children that’ll prompt fond memories of your childhood homes.

Of course, everybody’s idea of home is different, so you can really choose music that reminds you of any time or place – the key is to pick songs that foster a sense of belonging and encourage you to feel comfortable and happy on your special day.

Music to honour others

We all hope to have each of our loved ones present on our wedding day, but unfortunately, this isn’t always possible – particularly when choosing to host your wedding far from home.

Many couples opt to remember loved ones through their choice of music on their wedding day. For some, this will mean making an honourable mention of someone important who has passed or perhaps couldn’t make it to the wedding and taking a moment to enjoy their favourite song. Or, it may be that you choose a song from your childhood to share a special dance with a parent or grandparent or play a track that is a shared favourite of a sibling or friend. 

No matter who you want to have this moment with, honouring someone who is a big part of your life is a wonderful way to both reminisce about old times and experience the sounds of home.

Honour your home in your own way.

Part of the fun of celebrating your wedding somewhere new and exciting is that you can make use of music native to that destination to really build on that exotic atmosphere and bring your destination wedding vision to life. You should never feel pressured to stick to any particular traditions or bound to follow the tried and tested ways of doing things. If it’s important to you to bring a sense of home to your destination wedding, you’ll want to do so in a way that feels authentic to you for a special, memorable wedding day.


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