Melbourne Irish Wedding Ideas and Popular Venue Choices

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Blog, Melbourne

It’s important for your wedding to be perfect. When you are planning an Irish wedding, there are several ideas to consider, ranging from the dress to the wedding singers. Additionally, you want to consider some of the various venue choices available to you in Melbourne. Here are some Melbourne Irish Wedding Ideas and Popular Venue Choices.






Ideas for Your Irish Wedding

There are a lot of different ways for you to incorporate culture and style into your Irish wedding. You have to decide whether you want to honor your Irish heritage in a traditional or more modern way.

Claddagh Ring

The most well-known tradition in the Irish culture is the Claddagh ring. It’s worn on the right-hand so that the point of the heart faces the fingertip. Once a woman is engaged, it moves to her left hand and it is flipped at the wedding to show that her heart has been captured.


There is a Celtic tradition where the hands of the happy are tied together so that it’s symbolic in joining in matrimony. It’s where the “tying the knot” phrase came from.

All throughout your reception, you may want to consider Irish culture as well. Consider having a corned beef carving station and even potato and leek soup for your entrée. You may also want to stock the bar with such things as Bailey’s Irish cream, Jameson, and Guinness.

You may also want to carry a horseshoe, such as having it incorporated into your bouquet, as it is a sign of good luck on your wedding day. A smaller, porcelain version, may also be sewn into your wedding dress.

Popular Venue Choices

When you start looking at wedding venues, you need to consider how they are going to affect your ability to host an Irish wedding. You will be able to find a wedding singer without a problem regardless of whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding. However, you want to make sure that the entire environment is warm and welcoming, just like it would be if you were to host it in Ireland.

Summerfield Country House

This house is absolutely expansive. The venue has lush gardens in the back, providing indoor and outdoor locations for your ceremony and reception. Plus, you can decorate how you want.

Werribee Park Mansion

Located near Melbourne, this is a beautiful property with 10 acres of gardens. Guestrooms are on-site as well as a restaurant for catering and even a day spa to ensure that the bride is able to get ready prior to the ceremony.

Lake House

This venue is all about showing off its greenery, making it ideal for an Irish wedding. There is a day spa, a lake backdrop, as well as on-site accommodations. You can choose various caterers and coordinate with the wedding band for the best songs for weddings.

Chateau Yering

Located in the yard of Valley, the wedding venue is historic. There are several rooms to choose from in order to have your reception. The restaurant on-site will provide all of your catering needs. Additionally, there are 32 if suites on-site. We have sent several wedding bands in Sydney to this location and they have loved performing here.

Regardless of where you choose for your venue to be, you can look forward to having a wedding singer Sydney in Sydney perform.

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