Planning your Sydney Engagement Party

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Blog, Sydney

The most important part of your wedding event is what follows after the ceremony takes place to keep guests interactive and consistently having fun. Planning the party side of your wedding needs some careful attention, especially when you realise the entertainment you hire holds everything together.  Have a read! Planning your Sydney Engagement Party: Find the Right Entertainment for Guests




While this doesn’t take away from the role vendors play, a wedding band or singer helps keep the crowd energised so no one leaves early from being bored.


Even if music is the true soul of your party, you should think about other party aspects as well. Everything from the invites to the venue help shape the style of your party to celebrate your new union.


Finding the Right Venue for Your Party

You’ll find a lot of prestigious venues for wedding parties throughout Sydney. Be sure to book your venue months in advance because many of the most popular ones (especially along the harbour) book fast.


Perhaps you prefer something more modest, and it’s possible to find Sydney wedding venues for all budgets. When you book your venue, take some time to put together a seating chart for a better sense of party organisation.


Knowing where your family and friends sit gives a better chance to involve them in specific entertainment activities during the party.


Decide on the Type of Entertainment You’ll Hire

How do you know what type of entertainment your wedding guests are going to like? It’s best to confer with your family and friends first to see what type of music they like. Finding the right Sydney wedding band or wedding band Melbourne or wedding singer Melbourne is going to help set an appropriate wedding entertainment theme.


Through a booking agency, it’s best to find entertainers that have considerable experience working weddings. Even performers that worked in live shows or on TV are beneficial since they best know how to work a crowd.


It’s a huge risk to hire friends or family as a wedding singer or band without really knowing how their rapport is with an audience.

As all wedding entertainment experts note, it’s better to set aside more money for good entertainment since it guarantees higher quality.


Checking Out the Acoustics and Equipment at Your Venue

The wedding entertainers you hire need to have good acoustics and equipment to entertain well. Check these out days ahead. It’s best for all your performers and vendors to meet together at the venue days before to coordinate things.

Also bring in your master of ceremonies to work with the performers. They’ll need to work well together to create a perfect party flow.


Sending Out Your Invites

When you create your wedding party invitations, make sure you make them look professional and send them by regular mail. It’s always customary to send these by mail rather than email since it denotes a special event.


As such, you might want to set aside extra money to have invitations professionally printed. Making them yourself could look very amateurish.


Include proper times and the names of your wedding entertainers to generate excitement about what’s available at the party.


Keep Track of Your Notes

With so much to keep track of in planning your party, it helps to use some event organisation apps to stay on top of things. An app like WeddingHappy is a good example in being able to better organise things without relying on paper.


Always make sure you stay on top of the details on the wedding entertainers you hire. Know all the names, what type of songs they’ll play, and how you’ll feed them at the venue.


Working closely with the right wedding singer or band gives a stronger assurance your party turns into an event no one wants to end.


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