Booking a Ready Set Wedding Venue VS Setting Up a Venue Yourself

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

Everyone has a different version of what the perfect wedding day would be like.  Whether you grew up imagining a picturesque ceremony on the beach, or you always wanted a traditional wedding in the church from your hometown.  Every wedding is as unique and tailor-made as every couple that gets married.  Here are some tips on Booking a Ready Set Wedding Venue VS Setting Up a Venue Yourself.




Some of the smaller details may have been elusive to you until the day you got engaged.  Maybe you’ve never thought about the specific venue for your reception, or the way you wanted your wedding cake to look.  Finding the perfect wedding band, flowers, caterers, and decorations may seem overwhelming at the beginning of your engagement.  But sometimes putting together all of those special details for your special day is part of the fun.
So what do you do?  Well, here are some comparisons for you and your fiance to look at when you’re trying to decide how involved you want to be with the smaller details of your wedding day.  If you want, you can book a venue that has everything set up for you, all the way from the ceremony seating to the reception hall decorations.  Or if you prefer, you can book a venue that starts you out with a blank slate, and you can pick out everything to be exactly as you want it to be.

Booking A Fully Set Venue
There are a lot of benefits to this option.  The main differences between choosing a fully set wedding venue and setting up your own venue are all based on personal preferences.  There is one important difference, though, that can affect your decision in a big way: budget.  If you choose to book a fully set venue, there typically will not be a lot of negotiation or wiggle room on the budget.  Most venues that provide full decor, staffing, seating and tables, or possibly even food and alcohol services, will have a set price for booking their space.  That isn’t to say that all locations will be completely out of reach for a couple with a small or strict budget, but it will take up a specific percentage of your budget.  And while fully set venues do take away a lot of planning-stress, they don’t usually plan your entire wedding and reception for you.  You will most likely still need to book your own wedding entertainers Sydney and clergy person, as well as planning for your wedding invitations, cake, flowers, and anything else you want for your wedding.

But trust us, finding a fully set venue does still take a lot of the weight off your shoulders when it comes to planning the ceremony and/or reception.  Some venues will have a space for both the ceremony and reception.  Others will only have one or the other.  It is up to you and your future spouse to decide what works best for you, and then do research to find the best venue to take care of those details for you.  Fully set venues will often have seating, tables, and staging set up for you.  This may even include tablecloths, decorations, and place settings with silverware.

You may also want to look for venues that provide staffing for the reception.  Some locations will have their own staff on hand to serve food at your reception or a bartender to serve alcohol.  They may also have their very own event planner who will help you plan everything and decide which services will be needed.
So choosing a fully set venue is great for anyone that doesn’t want to buy/rent their own tables and chairs or if you find a venue that takes half of the planning off of your mind.  That will create more time for you to plan the other details of your wedding and will cause less stress for you as soon as it’s booked.

Setting Up A Venue Yourself
Instead of having a venue set everything up for you, you can either book a venue that allows you to do all of your own decorating or you can create your own venue in your backyard.  This decision allows for a lot more space in your budget.  You can go as big or as small as you want.  You may have a lot more decision-making and planning ahead of you, but you get to make your wedding day to your specifications.

If you are the kind of person that loves to plan and organize events, then this is most certainly the best route for you.  Even if all of this wedding planning seems overwhelming, there are still ways to enjoy the journey you take from engagement to marriage.  One of the biggest benefits of setting up your own venue is that you get to make every detail specially catered to you and your fiance’s interests.  After all, your wedding day is all about the two of you.

So get together and have fun while you pick out your colors.  Think of your common interests while choosing wedding music, entertainment, food, and venues.  And then turn it all into the perfect day for you as a couple.
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