Top 5 Wedding Dance Tips From Dance Styles to Music Genres

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Blog, Sydney

Dancing is going to become a big part of your wedding party, and it means preparing more than you think to make this successful. Whether or not you’re a good dancer, you’ll want to let your guests dance at the party while leaving room for you and your bride (or groom) to dance together. Here are our top 5 wedding dance tips from dance styles to music.



All of this is going to center around music and the type of wedding entertainers Sydney you hire. Finding the right entertainers isn’t always easy, but it’s important if you want to maintain dancing momentum at the party.
Take a look at five tips to make the dancing last late into the night.

1. Find the Right Dress and Song to Do Your “First Dance”
One of the highlights of the wedding party is when you and your new partner do the first dance together. To make the dancing easier, the bride should change into a reception dress so the wedding dress doesn’t become obtrusive. Then again, many of the attendees may prefer to capture photos of you and your new spouse in your wedding ceremony clothes.
Either way, you’ll want to find the right song to dance to. Working with your wedding entertainers, they’ll help find the right song, though you need to work closely with them so they play it at just the right time.

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2. Set a Musical Theme for Everyone to Dance to
It helps to work with your wedding entertainers to create a basic musical theme that compels your guests to dance. Without a compelling music theme (with an extended set list), guests may leave early if the music seems unfamiliar or lackluster.
What’s the general demographic attending your wedding? Even if it’s a mix of all generations, a quality wedding band or singer is going to create the right set list for you. It can cover one particular decade, or multiple decades.
As an alternative, ask them to play music from your family heritage. This can create lively folk music to dance to from your family ancestry.

3. Take a Few Dancing Lessons Before the Dancing Occurs
You might want to take a few simple dancing lessons before you do that “first dance.” Doing so could give you more confidence on the dance floor when the big night comes. The last thing you want is to look overly awkward, especially if wearing formal wear and shoes on a slippery floor.
However, the best rule of thumb on dancing at your wedding is to just keep it simple. It isn’t necessary to do an elaborate dance number. The point is to look genuinely intimate for those important photo moments.

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4. Hiring A-List Bands and Singers
Keeping the energy high to persuade people to dance means hiring a performer that knows how to work a crowd. The only way to make this happen is to hire an entertainer with proven experience. If they have extensive experience playing major venues (or even TV appearances), they’re going to know how to communicate to guests.
In many cases, it’s what they say more than what they play that persuades the crowd to get out on the dance floor and dance until near dawn.

5. Hire a Quality Wedding Band
To achieve the above dance moments, you’ll need to find a good booking agency that can help you land the best wedding band Sydney and entertainers in Sydney or Melbourne.

At Lily Road, we’re the answer to what you’re looking for in the way of top-tier entertainers. We represent the best wedding singer Sydney and bands in the entire mainland, with many having A-list entertainment backgrounds.
Through our packages, you can choose what kind of band or singers you want, and the type of musical theme you prefer.
We’ll work closely with you to ensure all the dancing at your party is a rousing time that no one will ever forget.

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