Engagement Ring Shopping in Melbourne and Wedding Entertainment

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

The connection between the engagement ring you buy and the theme of your wedding aren’t very far apart if you want consistency. When planning a wedding, what you wear is going to help represent the theme you’re going for, and this includes the ring. Read on further to find out more information on Engagement Ring Shopping in Melbourne and Wedding Entertainers Sydney.



While your wedding ring may differ from your engagement ring, you might use the same basic design. However, you may want other tips on how to go about shopping for a proper engagement ring to set a real statement.

Once you have what you want, your theme can cross over to the type of wedding music you’ll have played at your party.

Shopping for Your Engagement Ring in Melbourne

You’ll find a lot of great places to buy engagement rings in the Melbourne area. Australian Diamond Company is one of the best in the city thanks to their impeccable craftsmanship and matchless designs. Since they continually push for new designs, you can always count on finding something unique here after over 35 years in business.

Another place to consider is WindFall Jewelry where you can find unique diamonds and semi-precious stones. Klepner’s is also a good bet based on their longevity in Melbourne going back to the 1880s.

Finding the Right Style in Your Ring

The best jewelers in Melbourne are going to work closely with you to find what kind of style you want in your engagement ring. The best way to get started is to bring you and your fiance in together to make a joint decision. Don’t just let one of you create the style of the ring, because it might lead to a disagreement later after it’s done.

Melbourne jewelers always tout the four C’s when designing your engagement ring: Carat, cut, colour, and clarity. All of these matter in the diamond you choose, though you can add so much more to make it personalised.

Tapping into your personal style and what means most to you in life should go into the type of diamond you buy. This also dictates the size of the ring.

Showing Off Your Ring at the Right Time

If you carry over your engagement ring to the wedding ceremony, you’re going to want something that starts conversation and centers around your theme. One of the best times is during your first dance toward the end of your wedding party.

This is when the theme of your ring can start tying in to the entertainment you bring in to keep your guests dancing late into the night.

Part of this might involve your ring representing your family heritage, something that can reflect well in the wedding singers Sydney or bands you hire. With the right booking agency, you’ll be able to bring in performers capable of playing all the best music representing your ethnic background.

Whether of Greek, German, Irish, or Jewish backgrounds, your engagement ring should represent this while your wedding band plays any of these musical themes.

Finding the Right Song to Match Your Ring

Don’t feel limited to making your musical theme about your family’s ethnic history. You may prefer something more contemporary, as in playing Top 40 hits for Millennial guests. Your ring can represent this as well with modern designs and newly cut diamonds.

Or, you might want a more vintage feel to your wedding music. Picking an engagement ring with recycled materials from past family rings, or antique metals always represent well in bringing nostalgia.

A quality band provides great wedding performers who can play music from any era. When you have older relatives attending your wedding, a vintage theme from your ring complementing vintage music is a must to your guests dancing.

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