Top 5 Wedding Dresses from 2018

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

Finding a wedding dress is one of the biggest challenges when planning a wedding, though it pays to Google the latest trends to make shopping easier. Last year, we saw a lot of beautiful styles that brought more customised looks to typical dress styles. Some of those designs are sure to carry over into this year, though it’s worth your time to copy from the best designers. Here are the top 5 wedding dresses from 2018.




When dress shopping, it’s always a good idea to match the design with the theme of your wedding. Doing this enables you to match up better with the wedding entertainers you hire at the party.

Take a look at five of the best wedding dresses from last year for a smart shopping choice.

1. The Use of Bows

One of the hottest wedding dress trends from 2018 was the use of bows on both the front and back. Designers from Carolina Herrera to Oscar de la Renta used bows in their designs, often to beautiful effect.

If you plan to have an overly formal wedding, this can become a great choice and looks great on the dance floor. You’ll really stand out when you and your new spouse take that solo dance together in front of your guests.

Playing formal type of music (as in classical) would work great when wearing a dress bow. This is for real opulence and elegance. Let the music reflect that when you hire your wedding singers and band.

2. High Neck Dresses

While turtlenecks for men have come and gone in shirt styles, high necks became a prominent wedding dress stylefor women last year. While some might look at high necklines as Victorian Era style in covering the chest, there isn’t any denying how elegant they look.

Not all of them look like they’re strangling the bride either. In fact, many of them are cut just below the neck, including having transparent material along the chest.

This type of dress style calls for more elegant music again. Keep in mind playing elegant music to accompany your wedding doesn’t always mean classical. Classy old pop hits can bring just as much of an opulent atmosphere.

3. Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

As the antithesis to high necks, off-the-shoulder dresseswere another 2017 trend you may see carry over to this year. It’s not hard to see why this style was so popular. It can provide more comfort and freedom, especially if getting married during the summer when the temperatures soar.

Plus, off-the-shoulder styles provide a little more daring and sexy look that’s perfect if your guests are in their 20s and 30s.

When connecting this look to your wedding music, you’ll want to play something a little more freewheeling and fun. Top 40 dance hits are a good choice from your wedding band or singers.

4. Ruffled Skirts

The ruffled skirt lookreally took off last year, and it does add a lot more elegance, if potentially being more bulky while dancing. Nevertheless, combined with an off-the-shoulder top, you can create a unique look bringing casual and elegant at the same time.

Using ruffles doesn’t necessarily mean going over the top either. Subtle ruffles at the bottom of a skirt can add minor elegance if your wedding isn’t overly luxurious.

Ruffles work with any type of music played during the wedding party.

5. The One-Shoulder Look

Those of you looking for something different in your dress should consider the one-shoulder look, a popular style last year. Using this style, you can cross the divide between conservative and casual.

A look like this calls for unique music, perhaps something representing your family heritage. Going through the right booking agency, they can find the perfect entertainers to make this happen for you.

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