Does your Sydney Wedding Venue have Deal Breaker Restrictions?

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Blog, Sydney

Imagine your wedding day details: Candle-lit centrepieces and garden paths lit with luminaria. Family portraits on a sandy beach with the setting sun lighting your loved ones’ smiling faces. Dancing to your favourite wedding singer well beyond the witching hour. Dining on fresh-caught seafood, while your bridal party toasts your new life journey with the finest Australian sparkling wine. Now imagine if none of these were possible because you booked your wedding venue without carefully inspecting their terms? The question should always he asked. Does your Sydney Wedding Venue have Deal Breaker Restrictions?




In-House Vendors Only
It’s not uncommon for wedding locations—especially those with historical or architectural significance—require their brides to choose from vetted wedding planners, caterers, photographers, florists and wedding bands. Sydney venues want to make sure their facilities aren’t dinged or damaged during events, and when vendors set up equipment, accidents happen…so they make sure only “trusted” vendors have access to their grounds. Often, venues have exclusive arrangements with Sydney wedding planners, and these have their own short list of vendors. Do you want a wedding entertainer whose repertoire is aligned to your tastes, or to the preferences of a stranger? Don’t get stuck with a boring band, headed by an emcee with outdated, corny jokes.

No Open Flames
As if you’re going to burn down the venue, and half of Sydney! Before you book a troupe of fire dancers, check with your venue managers. Wedding venues can place limits on contained fire pits, garden torches, lanterns, and candles. Be sure to check with your venue agent before investing in flammable decor.
If you absolutely can’t decorate your aisle with luminarias, or exchange vows by candlelight, chances are you can compromise with venue-friendly artificial lighting sources.

Is Your Location DDA Compliant? 
Your chosen wedding venue may be laid back with their rules, but if most of the fun is happening on sandy beaches or uneven terrain, you might encounter some often-overlooked issues.
If you’ve invited mobility-challenged guests, make sure they can safely and comfortably get around the property. Ramps, handrails, and properly-equipped toilets make sure everyone can enjoy your wedding day. Can you bring a rented golf car to transport special needs guests around the grounds? Are there special lifts to allow them access to different levels?

Will Your Venue Pull the Plug on Your Wedding Band?
Many Sydney venues near residential areas restrict noise levels entirely, or after a certain hour. Be sure you’re informed of these restrictions on your wedding entertainers sydney. Neighbourhoods or commercial districts may have their own rules, so don’t overlook local codes.
Who is responsible for monitoring decibel levels? The best wedding band Sydney have encountered these restrictions in the past and may bring their own decibel meters.

Does Your Venue Turn Into a Pumpkin at Midnight? 
Venue agents need to lock up and inspect their facilities after special events, and for this reason alone might require that you, your wedding vendors, and your guests are packed up, the location swept clean, and everyone sent on their way by a certain time. It’s important for your wedding entertainment to be aware of curfews, as they have quite a bit of equipment to organise and load up. If your caterers are using your venue’s kitchen to clean up dishes, glasses, and flatware, they’ll need a reasonable time-table as a reference.
Who cleans up, and how? If you want your deposit back, make sure the venue is clear down to the finest detail. Make sure your idea of “swept clean” matches your venue’s expectations.

No Alcohol Allowed?!?
Some venues, due to liability concerns or cultural beliefs, prohibit alcohol on the premises. Unless you plan to clink glasses with non-alcoholic apple cider, or you’re prepared for disappointed guests expecting a party, find out if your celebration will be fuelled by nothing more than pure joy.

Some Details are Within Your Control
You might be forced to adhere to strict rules in order to book your ideal setting, but some sacrifices aren’t worth making…especially if you have your heart set on a particular first dance song, the best live entertainment, and an environment enhanced by your personal style. More than likely, your ideal venue knows and trusts Lily Road to make everyone happy, be they brides, guests, or even party-pooper venue managers.

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