10 Things to ask a Wedding Venue Before Booking

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

If you think you have most things planned for your wedding, the venue you need is perhaps still up in the air. While it’s true that it’s challenging to book a wedding venue without doing it months in advance, you have a lot more to think about. Read on to discover 10 things to ask a wedding venue before booking.




Before choosing any wedding venue, ask the manager some pertinent questions about how suitable it is. By now, you should know your wedding theme and what kind of venue is appropriate.

Ask these ten questions to find out what they offer. With wedding entertainment being a central theme, you’ll want to ask some things about suitability wedding band Melbourne or a wedding band Sydney.

1. When Will the Venue Be Available?

If the venue you’re considering has bookings through the next year, it’s best to start looking elsewhere. You shouldn’t have to wait any more than a few months to book a venue for your wedding.

Just be sure to get it in writing what date you set so there isn’t any confusion on the availability. You definitely don’t want wires crossed and finding out at the last second there was a booking mistake.

2. How Many People Can the Venue Hold?

Do you know how many people are going to attend your wedding? It could balloon into the thousands, and the venue you chose is perhaps too limited in space to accommodate everyone.

Ask them in advance how many they can hold. Most luxury venues here in Australia offer various rooms to divide up crowds, not including outdoor spaces.

3. Can You Get a Discount for Booking a Weekend or Off-Season?

With winter weddings becoming more popular, be sure to ask about any discounts the venue offers during those times. Off-season weddings usually mean a cheaper booking fee, including a weekend.

Almost all venues offer these lower rates, including luxury hotels throughout Sydney and Melbourne.

4. What’s the Style of the Venue?

It’s always possible to decorate any venue type to represent your theme. However, you still want to know the style of the venue to make decorating and entertainment easier.

The venue should tell you what the style is over the phone without requiring an in-person tour. You can cross it off your list to avoid wasting time.

5. Do They Have In-House Catering?

With food being one of the top things to consider at your wedding, you’ll want to know whether the venue offers catering service. If not, what are the logistics for food preparation and setup?

Many luxury venues in Sydney and Melbourne provide on-site catering with top chefs.

6. What Are the Acoustics Like for Your Wedding Entertainers?

As the title of this blog suggests, never forget about the music you’ll offer at your wedding. Hiring wedding entertainers means worrying about whether the venue acoustics are appropriate.

Meet with the wedding singers or band you’re hiring and visit the venue together to assure the acoustical requirements.

7. Does the Venue Provide an Appropriate Sound System?

Your wedding entertainers need good audio equipment to put on a quality show. Ask the venue about whether they have quality sound systems for certain performers. Some venues aren’t capable of holding any more than one singer, so choose carefully if bringing in a nine-piece band. If the venue does not cater for this you will have to enquiry with the wedding band about bringing in a bigger sound system. Lily Road can help you with this.

8. Is There Catering for the Entertainers?

Keep in mind your wedding entertainers also have to eat before and after their performance. The venue should have a large enough catering service to accommodate this, or you may need to hire a catering service on your own.

9. Do They Have a Big Enough Dance Floor?

Dancing is going to become a big part of your wedding entertainers Sydney, and the venue needs a big dance floor to hold everyone. Don’t always take the word of the venue about how big the dance floor is. Take a personal tour if you can to see how much dance space is really there.

Of course, always ask how late you’re allowed to play music at the venue if you plan the dancing to go on into the night.

10. What Kind of Production Staff Does the Venue Have?

You’re going to need at least one person who coordinates everything in the venue. It’s better if it’s one staff member so you can work with them directly in planning everything. Ask who that person is and meet with them to get on the same page about all your wedding details.

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