Sydney Irish Wedding Ideas and Popular Venue Choices

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

Irish weddings are a lot of fun. When you or your partner is Irish, you may want to bring in the Irish heritage throughout the various aspects of your ceremony and reception. There are quite a few ideas to incorporate. Additionally, you may want to explore some of the popular venues throughout Sydney. Once you have the venue, you can then start to find a wedding singer. Here are some Sydney Irish wedding ideas and popular venue choices.




Irish Wedding Ideas

You will find that there are all sorts of different ways to add an Irish theme into the details of your wedding.

The Bride

The bride may want to have a horseshoe on her as it is said to bring good luck on the wedding day. A horseshoe can be incorporated into the bridal bouquet or even sewn into the dress. It should always be held straight up so that it forms a “U.” Otherwise, luck might run out.

The Wedding Party

If you want to go with a traditional look, green should be brought into what everyone wears. You may want to have the women wear green dresses and the men wear green vests. If you don’t want to go quite that operate, you may want to find a simpler way to bring in the green – or even a shamrock design.

The Ceremony

Your ceremony can be filled with all sorts of Irish components. For example, though wedding band in Sydney can play an Irish jig. It is also possible to have a handfasting performed. This is where the original concept of “tying the knot” came from. The Claddagh ring is also Irish tradition. It is worn different ways by a single woman versus when she starts dating versus when she gets engaged. During the ceremony, the ring needs to be on her left hand with the base of the heart pointing towards her to indicate that her heart has been taken.


You can have plenty of Irish excitement throughout your reception, too. Ask a wedding singer in Sydney to perform a few traditional Irish songs. You may want to have shamrocks in the center of all of the tables. Be sure to stock the bar with Irish whiskey, Guinness, and a few other favorites.

Popular Venues

As you plan your Irish wedding in Sydney, there are many different places for your ceremony and reception.

Consider outdoor weddings so you can enjoy the greenery. These are some of the places where our wedding singers have performed or have wanted to based on the overall outdoor beauty and breathtaking landscapes:

  • Rydges, North Sydney
  • Dockside, near Darling Harbour
  • Dunbar House, Robertson Park

Of course, you can also go with plenty of the stunning indoor venues as well. You can then let your imagination run wild with Irish decor. Some of the places you may want to consider include Loxley on Bellbird Hill and Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant.

Harrigan’s Irish Pub

Although it’s a two-hour drive from Sydney, it is located in the middle of Hunter Valley. You can enjoy an Irish pub that will provide you with catering, on-site accommodations, and beautiful backdrops. Our best wedding singers would be happy to perform here to make your wedding extra special.

Be sure you take the time to explore the different venues so that you can be happy with where you eventually say “I do” on your wedding day.

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