Top 10 Ideas for Wedding Food in 2018

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

Everything about your wedding should be personalized to your preferences. You may be looking for creativity from your venue, your wedding entertainment, and even your food. There are all sorts of wedding food options to explore. Here are the Top 10 Ideas for Wedding Food in 2018.



Mac & Cheese Station
Many people can’t resist macaroni and cheese. You can offer a variety of toppings, ranging from bacon to blue cheese crumbles, for people to add to their bowls of cheesy pasta.

Soup Shooters
Particularly as people are arriving at the wedding reception, listening to a wedding band in Sydney, you want to give people something to eat. Tomato soup, cream of mushroom soup, and more can be served in fun shot glasses so there is no need for spoons.

Sushi Bar
Have fun with a sushi bar at your wedding. When you work with the right caterer, they can even help to coordinate your wedding colours into the spread to make it that much more appetizing. An oyster shucking station can even be added at the venue.

Food Pairings
Have some fun with your food by coordinating it with a cocktail. For example, you may want tacos with margaritas or crab beignets with champagne. Ask the caterer to create miniature combinations of everything so that people can explore some of your favourite pairings without filling up.

Grazing Table
Don’t limit people to sitting down and having just one large meal. Particularly when you find the best wedding singer Sydney, you want people dancing. The grazing tables will allow people to enjoy cold meats, chips and dips, crackers, fruits, and other stacks.

Popcorn has been a favorite for years. You can incorporate it into your wedding by having it freshly popped on-site. If you are going to show a slideshow of photos of you and your partner, the popcorn can be handed out right before you hit play. You can also find a wedding singer Melbourne to provide the entertainment.

Candy Floss
This sugary treat is finding its way into more and more wedding receptions. Freshly spun candy floss can be handed out to all of your guests. You can also customize the colour and the flavor to coordinate with your wedding decor.

S’Mores Bar
Let guests create their own s’mores at your reception. Particularly if your wedding is held outdoors, you may want to prepare an open fire with the anticipation of handing out marshmallows on sticks with a table filled with chocolates and graham crackers.

Coffee Station
Whether you decide to have an early morning reception (brunch receptions are gaining in popularity) or an evening reception, you may want to consider a coffee bar. Espresso shots and lattes can be served while wedding singers give everyone a reason to dance. Plus, you can have quests owns, donuts, and various other items at the coffee station for people to grab a quick bite to eat.

Late Night Snack Station
Once you have a wedding band in Sydney providing good music, people may not want to leave. A late-night snack station allows people to soak up all of their liquid libations and keep the party going. Potato skins, sliders, and various other snacks can be rolled out towards the end of the evening.

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