5 Swoon Inducing Ideas to Make your Proposal Memorable

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You know she’s the one. You’ve bought the perfect ring, and you want to make your proposal special. You’ve heard of your mates bending the knee at Sydney’s most romantic restaurants, or hauling their ladies to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge, but you want to let the love of your life know that she’s landed someone who will cherish her enough to make your engagement special. Are you stuck for ideas? Here are 5 Swoon Inducing Ideas to Make your Proposal Memorable.




Dinner for Two on the Ferris Wheel at Luna Park

Book a private carriage and soar 40 metres above Sydney Harbour, while enjoying delectable dinner selections, fine wine, and dessert. For their dining guests, the operators pause the wheel to tend to diners in each car, allowing you ample time to linger and enjoy the sights.

“I had my suspicions that he was going to pop the question,” said Marni. “Dave’s terrified of heights but loves a challenge. For him, that was a big one.”

“Nah, asking her oldies and brothers for their blessing was worse,” said John.

After the thrill of experiencing the views at great heights and your special moment, your closest friends and family can join you to at the adjacent Deck Bar.

Weekend Getaway at Love Cabins

Explore your primitive side in paradoxical luxury. Choose from a lofty treehouse, the Enchanted Cave, Love Teepee and other whimsical cabins at their two Blue Mountain locations.

Guided tours through the stunning wilderness, massages and even mud baths set the tone (and tenderize your hearts) for your proposal, or you can languish in your private love nest and enjoy their Romance Package, featuring champagne, roses, and chocolates.

“Every girl wants a bed of rose petals once in her life,” said Mick. “And I guess I always wanted to play Tarzan to my very own Jane. Now, I’m marrying one,” he said. Indeed, Jane (her real-life name) swooned over the romantic setting, but surprisingly, her favorite part was the mud bath.

“We took selfies of us covered in brown goo, with my shiny new diamond on my hand for Facebook,” she said.

Quickly becoming the go-to destination for romantic engagement weekends, their Blue Mountain Treehouse has one a global AirBnb award for best place to stay.

Seaside Picnic with a View

Nielsen Park offers amazing views of the Sydney Harbor skyline, grassy lawns and access to the jeweled hues of Shark Beach for a romantic proposal without destroying your budget. Operated by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Nielsen Park is a popular wedding venue for all the same reasons you’d choose it to start you down the path to your life together.

Choose a sheltered location for a picnic, or grab a bite at the local cafe. Either way, this easy trip from Sydney won’t raise suspicions if you just want a scenic drive on the outskirts, and you won’t have to trek great distances from your car for a memorable, natural setting.

Celebrate with the Stars

Sydney Observatory is a heavenly setting for your proposal. Select the 1000 Stars Proposal package, or simply enjoy the more frugal night tour. (The twilight tour is marketed as “family friendly” if you want to avoid the delighted squeals of school-aged children. Unless, of course, your lady needs a backup chorus when she sees the ring.)

“There’s now a star named Megzie,” said Megan as her fiance’, who paid extra for the honor, beamed with pride. “I got to see it with the telescope, and right then he showed me the ring. “‘I know the diamond’s not much more than stardust,’ Eric said to me, ‘but if you’ll be my wife I’ll spend my life bringing you the universe.’ That worked, obviously!” she laughed, showing off her modest but charming vintage engagement ring.

Take A Page out of “The Notebook”

Whether she loves Victorian romances or she makes you watch “The Notebook” with her at least twice a year, a trip to Lane Cove River Boatshed will let you recreate her favorite scene…though perhaps with fewer ducks and swans than featured in the hit film. This is how James proposed to his wife Sarah after many months of pretending to be jealous of her appreciation for actor Ryan Gosling.

“I stole his thunder, once and for all,” said James.

You can up your game with a Swan-shaped paddle boat, or tone it down a bit with a rented kayak, but you can’t go wrong with an old-school rowboat.

Your Wedding Story Begins Now

Every romance needs music to set the mood. Imagine rounding a bend on a hike through the Blue Mountains, where a small band await you at your chosen site to serenade your lady. Or, as you’re paddling on the river, a boat appears out of nowhere with a guitarist and singer…a huge improvement over swans, which everyone knows are quite mean are known to bite.

The right music touches us on an emotional level and helps cement our memories forever. We include wedding music at our ceremonies for this very reason, so why not get a head start?

Preserve those memories in print by arranging for a professional photographer or videographer to join you at the perfect moment. This is easy to manage when they’re pretending to take pictures of scenery or wildlife a discreet distance away until they receive their cue. Your new fianceé may balk if she’s not properly made up or dressed for formal engagement photographs, but capturing the glow of the moment will be an investment neither of you will regret.

Like your wedding, your proposal moment is about you and your fiancee’-to-be and should reflect your character and hers. Pick your setting with this in mind, and have fun adding the creative touché.

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