Wedding Etiquette: Things to do or Not to Do, Including for Entertainment

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With a wedding around the corner, how do you go about creating proper wedding etiquette so the event stays meaningful for everyone? The ideas you have may not necessarily gel with what others think is apropos. In general, though, you should follow specific wedding etiquette tips most people follow to avoid offending guests and vendors. Wedding Etiquette: Things to do or Not to Do, Including for Entertainment.  Enjoy the read!




Some etiquette tips seem obvious enough, though you’ll discover you can easily overlook them. One of those is the type of wedding entertainers Sydney you hire. This plays a major part in how people perceive the event, especially when hiring wedding bands or wedding singer Melbourne.


Here’s a list of some things to do and not do for proper wedding etiquette, with entertainment being significant focus.


Plan to Contact Your Family and Friends First

Before you send any invitations out, tell your family and friends first about your wedding ceremony. A common wedding etiquette faux pas is posting a wedding announcement on social media. Many do this with the assumption all their immediate family and friends are going to see it there.


Do you really know if people like your parents or grandparents are on places like Twitter or Facebook? Some of your closest friends may not have accounts on the social media channel you use.


Call your family and friends personally first to announce before doing the blanket social media posting.


Avoid Long Waits Between the Ceremony and Reception

If you’ve ever been to a wedding yourself, did you find yourself feeling bored because you had nothing to do before the reception began? While the momentum of the wedding itself is always exciting, don’t let it come to a sudden slowdown immediately after.

Your guests are going to become uncomfortable having to sit and wait before the reception starts. This makes wedding entertainment all the more essential if you have any delays.


Hire a Wedding Band or Singer With Songs That Fit Your Theme

A major wedding etiquette mistake is not bothering to hire a wedding singer or band to keep guests entertained. Even if you have food ready early for the reception, don’t think it’s going to keep people interested without some interactivity.


When you do hire wedding entertainment, make sure they have proper credentials and can play a set list properly fitting the theme of the event. The more songs for weddings the wedding singer or band knows, the better they’ll be able to play songs everyone recognises.


What’s most important is to hire a wedding band that gets people dancing to keep things exciting and reflect your family’s heritage.


Find the Proper Venue for Wedding Entertainment

Not all venues you choose for your wedding are alike. All of them are going to differ in their acoustics, so be sure to check them out before booking your wedding event there. Make sure the surroundings are appropriate to hire a wedding singer or band.


A sound check helps a lot to avoid problems with bouncing sound when the wedding band performs. Quality wedding venues always provide proper A/V equipment and acoustics to allow any type of music you prefer.


Be Sure to Feed Your Wedding Vendors

Despite paying the vendors and entertainers for your wedding, don’t forget about feeding them to keep their energy up. It’s extremely bad etiquette to not allow them to have full meals since they’ll be working a long day.


Talk to your caterers about providing a hot meal to your wedding entertainers before they start playing. However, don’t forget about feeding your other vendors like your official photographer, wait staff, and wedding planner.


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