6 Unique Ideas Which Will Make Your Wedding Ceremony Unforgettable

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

Your wedding reception is often the primary focus of wedding planners, as well as brides and grooms.  After all, it’s at the reception that guests have the opportunity to celebrate the union of husband and wife, as well as to enjoy themselves and create lasting memories. Here are 6 unique ideas which will make your wedding ceremony unforgettable.




It’s at the wedding ceremony that you officially join together, where the two of you become one.  In other words, if your reception is about celebrating this new union, the wedding ceremony is about creating that union.

Here are 6 unique ideas that make the eternal coming together of bride and groom something you and your guests will never forget:

How we met:  Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor met on the set of the 1963 blockbuster, “Cleopatra.”  That’s a tough act to follow, but every couple has a unique story about how they met, and how they fell in love.  Give your minister, priest or rabbi the details of how the two of you met.  Don’t be shy about including some of the sappy (or even funny) details.  People love stories, so give them one they won’t forget.

We couldn’t attend, but…:  Not everyone you invite to your wedding will be able to attend, some because they simply live too far away.  Ask non-attendees to write love letters to the bride and groom, and read them during the ceremony.  If you’re willing to invest in the equipment, you can ask them to send you videos instead of letters and play them during the ceremony.

Happy 1st anniversary!  To symbolize the fact that your wedding is forever (and add some fun to the ceremony), ask guests to write brief happy 1st anniversary letters.  They could write about anything they want (like advice on married life, well wishes or favorite memories of bride and groom).  Pass around a “time capsule box” during the ceremony and have guests drop their anniversary letters into it.

This (fill in the blank) binds us together forever:  “Handfasting” is an ancient tradition (dating back to pagan times) in which couples bind their hands together with a ribbon.  Consider a twist on the tradition that uses something other than a ribbon, something that has special meaning for the two of you.  It could be just about anything, like the leash for the dog the two of you bought together, or a piece of the shirt the groom wore on your first date.  Make sure you explain to guests what you’re using, and why.

I vow to love my mother-in-law:  Exchanging vows is another tradition you can remake in your own image to delight your guests and get family members in on the act.  Bride and/or groom can vow to love and cherish members of each other’s families (imagine your guests’ delight when the groom promises to love and cherish his bride’s mother), or, for blended families, you can vow to love their new spouse’s children.  Be sure to add, ’til death do us part.

Nothing says love like beer:  You’ll probably have alcohol at your reception.  You can get the ball rolling by adding a beer blending to the wedding.  Bride and groom can each bring their favorite brew to the altar.  Have your officiant describe the properties of each beer, and how they reflect the bride’s and groom’s personalities.  Pour the two beers into a single (larger) glass to symbolize your union.

The most memorable weddings are those which effectively blend tradition with unique touches that personalize the ceremony and tell guests who you are, what you’re passionate about, and why the two of you are perfect for one another.  One of the best ways to highlight your unique personalities is with the wedding entertainment you select for your reception.

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