Using a Wedding Planner App for Your Wedding

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

Mobile apps are everywhere now, and it seems there’s a planner for virtually any situation. Wedding planners are just as ubiquitous, but what kind of features are the most useful? Here are some tips on using a wedding planner app for your wedding:




With many wedding businesses moving more into creating apps, it pays to investigate ones covering all bases. Part of this includes planning what kind of wedding entertainers Sydney you’ll have and assuring you and the entertainers stay properly organised.

Let’s look at some popular wedding app features to keep your wedding from turning into chaos.

Using Pinterest for Design or Hairstyle Inspiration

As the bride of the wedding, it’s worth looking at using Pinterest as a wedding planner. It’s commonly used as an app to find ideas for weddings.

Since Pinterest is one of the most popular social media sites, you can find numerous ideas to build on from floral arrangements to hairstyles. Thanks to millions of people posting wedding ideas and themes every day, you’ll have plenty to mine from.

It’s easy to save favourite pics to create your own outline. When you meet with vendors, you can show them your favourite Pinterest ideas to use in your own wedding theme.

Using an App to Create Your Invites

Apps like Grammarly have become popular tools to create wedding invites when feeling inspired. While on the go, you should have something available to document how you’ll plan your invitations.

Keep in mind these invites can go on a website later. However, you should also send them by regular mail for a more personal way to invite family and friends.

Being clever is always important, so use an app when inspiration hits you. Fortunately, apps like Grammarly can clean up your grammar if you’re not a supreme writer.

Planning Your Wedding Dress

It’s even possible to plan your wedding dress through various wedding apps. One of the most popular is The Knot Wedding LookBook. This lets you look through numerous wedding dress styles to save you time shopping in a store.

You’ll be able to search by brand as well, giving you instant dress shopping while on the move. The app lets you save your favourite choices and finds your nearest bridal salon to try on the dress in person.

When you have limited time, you see how far many wedding planner apps go now in finding what you need.

Finding Songs You Want for Your Wedding Entertainment

Hiring wedding entertainers is a big part of your wedding, and you’ll find various ways to plan for this through a mobile app. Using app sources like Spotify as just starters, you can locate all the songs for weddings you want your wedding singer Melbourne or band to play.

Thanks to most music streaming services letting you compile playlists, you can present these to your booking agency when searching for the perfect wedding entertainer.

Here at Lily Road, we’re happy to accommodate your own playlists taken from Spotify, or any wedding planner app.

Planning Your Wedding Entertainers

A lot of full wedding app planners are out there that let you plan everything from compiling guest lists to event itinerary. It’s important to take advantage of these and organise what kind of entertainment you’re planning.

Some apps like Appy Couple let guests visit and ask you questions while viewing your wedding schedule. Here, you can also present what kind of entertainment you’re offering to let guests know what to expect on theme.

At Lily Road, we can take it from there and book the best wedding entertainment you’ll find in Sydney and Melbourne. We cover all eras of music to please every attendee at your wedding.

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