Top 28 Wedding Guests Complaints and How You Can Avoid Them

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and best days of your life. It’s a day you’ll look back on through videos and pictures for years to come. Weddings should be entertaining, magical, and beautiful, but they can become disastrous if they’re not planned correctly. While going through your checklist to create the perfect wedding, take a look at these top 10 wedding guests complaints and how you can avoid them.




1. Problematic Time and Date
People have busy schedules, and you don’t want your wedding to be one more thing that people complain they have no time for. Deciding to get married on/around a holiday or large sporting event can increase your chances of complaints or several RSVP cards checked “Not Attending.” But, if your wedding demands a holiday date, such as having a Halloween theme, make sure to give your guests plenty of notice, and try to pick a time that allows them to schedule their own activities and still celebrate your big day with you. Communication and a lot of advance notice are key.

2. Unsure Who to Bring
It’s awkward for everyone when screaming kids and plus ones you didn’t expect to entertain show up at your wedding. The best way to avoid mistakes like these is to make your invitations extremely clear. Don’t leave anything up to interpretation. State clearly each guest that is invited, and have them check off their own individual “Will Attend” or “Will Not Attend” boxes.

3.  Uncomfortable Seating Arrangements
No one likes to be crammed into a space too small or to sit across the room from their favourite people. Seating friends at adjacent tables is sufficient, as long as they don’t have to shout to one another to be heard. Also, keep those centre pieces at a height that doesn’t obstruct people’s views of each other and make eye contact virtually impossible.

4. Uncomfortable Weather
No one wants to get dressed up only to sweat all afternoon or stand around shivering from freezing winds. Make sure you take comfort into consideration when planning your ceremony and reception. This isn’t to say you can’t have a gorgeous outdoor event. You’ll simply need to plan ahead. Provide portable fans or heaters and appropriate beverages to cool or warm your guests.

5. Dietary Restrictions
While you and your future fiance might eat meat, dairy, and everything in between, your guests might not. It’s important to consider food restrictions when planning the menu with your caterer. Go through your guest lists and check for any vegetarians, vegans, and anyone with an allergy to specific foods or ingredients. Your guests will appreciate the extra thought and effort.

6. Cash Bars
Not everyone can fork over the money for an open bar, and that’s ok. What’s not ok is asking your guests to pay for their own drinks. You wouldn’t have a party at your home and then charge for cocktails, would you? So don’t do it at your wedding. Limiting drink selections is fine. Making guests pull out their wallets, however, should always be avoided.

7. Too Much Cheese
No, we don’t mean the food. Who doesn’t love cheese? We’re talking about endless toasts, slide shows of baby pictures, and even more speeches. Try to limit the number of people who stand up to talk on your big day. You don’t want your guests to get bored or grow tired of laughing at too many cheesy jokes.

8. Disappearing Act
Your guest took time out of their schedule to come celebrate your love. Don’t repay that kindness by ignoring them all night. Receiving lines can get stuffy, so maybe switch it up and go from table to table at the reception instead. You don’t have to spend an excessive amount of time chatting, but you should say hello and thank everyone for coming. This small kindness will make a big impression.

9. Ungrateful Hosts
It’s important to remember your guests even after everyone has left. Your guests showed up and celebrated with you. Many of them probably brought gifts. Don’t neglect to send thank you cards to show your appreciation. Yes, you may have to endure some hand cramps, but people will appreciate the extra thought and love that comes with a personalized thank you.

10. Poorly Timed Ceremony: Guests may feel frustrated if the ceremony starts significantly late or if it extends beyond a reasonable duration. Punctuality is crucial to respect the time and schedules of attendees.

11. Lack of Clear Signage: Poorly marked venues can result in confusion and frustration for guests trying to navigate the event. Clear signage is crucial, especially in larger venues, to ensure everyone can easily find their way around.

12. Overly Long Speeches: Extended and unstructured speeches can test the patience of guests, making them feel restless. Establishing time limits for speeches helps maintain a lively atmosphere.

13. Inconvenient Venue Location: A venue that is difficult to access or lacks proper amenities can be a source of discomfort for guests. Choosing a venue with convenience in mind is crucial for a positive guest experience.

14. Inadequate Climate Control: Unpleasant weather conditions, whether too hot or too cold, can significantly impact the enjoyment of an outdoor wedding. Proper climate control measures, such as heaters or shade, should be in place.

15. Tacky or Inconvenient Favors: Guests may feel burdened or unimpressed by poorly chosen or impractical wedding favors. Opting for tasteful and useful favors or even skipping them can alleviate this concern.

16. Lack of Personal Space: Overcrowded event spaces can make guests feel claustrophobic. Designing the layout with sufficient space for movement and relaxation is crucial for overall comfort.

17. Inattentive or Rude Staff: Unprofessional or inattentive staff can negatively impact the overall guest experience. Ensuring vendors and staff are courteous and responsive is vital for creating a positive atmosphere.

18. Overly Long Waits: Extended wait times for food, drinks, or services can lead to guest frustration. Implementing efficient service and providing entertainment during waits helps maintain a positive vibe.

19. Inadequate Bathroom Facilities: Guests may be inconvenienced by insufficient or poorly maintained restroom facilities. Ensuring an ample number of clean and well-stocked restrooms is essential.

20. Poorly Organized Transportation: Transportation mishaps, such as delays or confusion, can leave guests feeling stressed. Clear communication and well-organized transportation services contribute to a smoother experience.

21. Overly Complex RSVP Process: Complicated RSVP processes may result in confusion and impact attendance. Streamlining the RSVP process with clear instructions and deadlines is essential for effective planning.

22. Unpleasant Surprises: Unexpected elements, while they can be exciting, may catch guests off guard. Communicating any unconventional aspects in advance allows guests to better prepare and enjoy the surprises.

23. Limited Entertainment Options: A lack of diverse entertainment can leave guests with limited options for enjoyment. Providing various entertainment choices ensures there’s something for everyone.

24. Inadequate Lighting: Poor lighting can affect the ambiance and safety of the event. Ensuring proper lighting both indoors and outdoors contributes to a comfortable and visually appealing atmosphere.

25. Lack of Accommodation Information: Guests traveling from out of town may feel uneasy without clear accommodation information. Providing a comprehensive list of options and negotiating group rates helps attendees plan their stay.

26. Excessive Noise Levels: Excessive noise can hinder conversations and make it challenging for guests to enjoy the event. Monitoring and controlling noise levels contribute to a more pleasant atmosphere.

27. Disorganized or Unclear Schedule: A schedule lacking clarity can leave guests unsure of what to expect. Providing a detailed and clear schedule in advance helps attendees plan their time and fully enjoy each part of the celebration.

28. All the Wrong Music
Don’t force your guests to scream at each other over dinner or stand around awkwardly when it’s time to hit the dance floor and shake your groove thing. Choose your song for weddings carefully, and go over them with your wedding band to ensure the right music is played at the right time. Something soft for dinner is always a safe bet. Then you can crank up the tunes when it’s time to show off those dance moves you’ve been practicing these past few months. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with song choices too. To ensure you have a wedding band and wedding singers that can read the room and create the perfect atmosphere, contact us at Lily Road.
Even though your big day is all about the two of you and your love, it’s important to remember that it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without the people you love to share it with. So keep them in mind when you’re planning. It’ll make your day that much better.


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