Wedding Songs to Celebrate Family and Friendships

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Are you planning to hire a wedding band to keep your guests dancing long into the night? If so, you’re probably wondering which songs to add to your requested playlist. You’ve already got a few favorites, but rather than leave the rest up to chance, why not use your wedding and reception music to honor your relatives and friends? Have a read about wedding songs to celebrate family and friendships.




Music bonds us to our memories. Consider how certain songs affect you when you hear them. Undoubtedly, it sends you back in time or prompts you to reach out to the friends you hold dear.


As you’re planning a list of requested music for your wedding band, consider how you can harness music’s power in order to make your wedding memorable for years to come, while celebrating the memories forged through a lifetime of family and friendships.


What are “your songs”? 

It’s tradition in Western culture for the bride and groom to share their first dance to a special song, but there’s no reason to limit yourselves to just one. You may opt to select a slow, “torch” song for your first dance, or surprise everyone with a complex, choreographed routine set to something a bit more raucous to get the party started. You can even mix it up with a medley, and have your wedding emcee invite your guests to join in as the tempo accelerates.


Honor thy mothers and fathers

A wonderful way to honor your parents and grandparents is to play their wedding songs, and invite them to take the spotlight. Of course, if your parents are no longer together, you might substitute their individual favorite songs, as you take them for their own tours around the dance floor.

If a beloved relative or friend has passed, dedicating a special song to them is a wonderful way to honor their memory, though it’s no less respectful to choose an upbeat melody to celebrate their life.


Rally the troops 

Do you have a “soundtrack” for your secondary school years? A road trip playlist you and your mates can’t leave home without? If you’ve invited old friends from your formative years, or even buddies from the office, call them out to the dance floor and have your wedding singer Melbourne sound off their role in your life as they announce a song chosen specifically for them. Your favorite people helped make you who you are, so have fun acknowledging their importance.


Slide show soundtrack

If you’re producing an image slide show, consider having your wedding band Sydney or wedding band Melbourne provide live accompaniment for a more authentic soundtrack, or let your wedding singers take a break while you use your favorite recorded songs. Music and images both trigger emotional responses, so the one-two punch of snapshots from the bride and groom’s lives before and after meeting, synchronized with a mix of uplifting and heart-rendering tunes, will leave quite the impression on your guests.


Include your favorite songs in your wedding favors

Wedding programs make excellent keepsakes. Include a list of your favourite songs for weddings, or use song titles as sub-headers for key people in your wedding, from parents to bridesmaids to groomsmen.


You might consider handing out mix CDs of your favorite original songs, with liner notes full of pictures, anecdotes, and special honorariums.


Select the right wedding band

Be sure to select wedding musicians with the versatility you require. Your wedding singer Sydney doesn’t need to match the original singer pitch perfect, and it’s always fun to encourage stylized renditions of old favorites, but your band should have the talent and skill to adapt to your varied playlist.


Will your wedding entertainment work with you in advance so they can practice songs on your request list? Will they accept a list of announcements for your special songs? These are questions you’ll want to ask when interviewing your wedding singers.


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