Envision a Future Wedding For Same Sex Couples in Australia

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Blog, Melbourne

With marriage equality being a major topic around the world, the good news is Australia has strong support for same-sex marriages. In fact, did you know 72% of all Australians now support marriage equality? These same statistics show 85% of all young people in Australia show the same support, bringing a positive sign in what lies ahead. Let’s envision a future wedding for same sex couples in Australia.




As the debates over the legalities of same-sex marriages rage on in places like the U.S., Australia may soon join America in making it legal. Despite the 72% above showing support for same-sex unions, it’s still not officially law here.


This year might become the year when it finally becomes legal, thanks to the great work of organisations like Australian Marriage Equality.


So what would a wedding look like once same-sex couples officially marry in Australia? We have some ideas.


Imagining a Future of Marriage Equality

Those of us at Lily Road are strong supporters of marriage equality. We already provide top wedding entertainers for traditional weddings in the best wedding venues. However, we’re looking forward to when we can start providing entertainers for same-sex weddings as a way to celebrate a long and winding legal road.


Work to legalise same-sex marriages goes back more than a decade now with continual roadblocks after years of legalisation attempts.


We’re seeing major inroads very recently, with a possible plebiscite through public mail voting this coming September.

If it actually happens, we’re ready to provide the type of wedding entertainment same-sex couples deserve.


Providing the Right Venue

We imagine the first same-sex marriage is going to take place in some of the biggest and most elaborate venues throughout Sydney or Melbourne. Since this is the first official same-sex ceremony, it’s hard not to imagine a huge crowd being there, including a large supportive family for each side.


What’s even more important is seeing the older generation so used to traditional marriages embracing this ceremony and sitting in the front row.


They can play a big part in one of the most important functions of a future same-sex marriage: The entertainment.


Hiring the Right Wedding Entertainers

Here at Lily Road, we provide the best wedding entertainment and play and the best songs for weddings in Sydney and Melbourne. All of the wedding singers and wedding bands we hire have extensive experience working all kinds of events.


We know many entertainers we send out to weddings also support marriage equality and would love to play a same-sex wedding.


The music they’d play at a wedding like this would require celebratory songs. Something to keep in mind, though, is same-sex couples encompass all ages. Even older couples have had to wait decades just to become legally recognised as real couples.


With this in mind, wedding entertainers would need to play all eras of music to appease each wedding. Nevertheless, we can only hope all generations attend these weddings, giving a chance to play an eclectic set list.


One of the things our wedding singers and bands enjoy most is being able to play music for all ages to keep the post-ceremony party energised.


Finding the Right Look for a Same-Sex Wedding

As much as marriage equality deserves a significant celebration, same-sex wedding ceremonies are going to look a little different. It may mean two wedding dresses for brides, or two wedding suits for grooms.


Working with a tailor is important in these scenarios to assure each outfit fits into the theme. This might require setting new rules, especially since in traditional weddings, the bride always receives the most attention with her dress.


Here’s hoping we’ll see this scenario before the end of the year. When it does happen, or if you have a traditional wedding approaching, visit us at Lily Road so we can provide the best wedding entertainment available today.


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