Bridesmaids Dresses for Sydney Weddings of Style

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Blog

While your wedding dress may be the most important item of clothing at your wedding, the bridesmaids dresses are important as well. From the colors you choose to the style of the dress, the bridesmaids dresses reflect who you are as a bride and typically showcases your wedding colors. Here are a few bridesmaids dresses for Sydney weddings of style that you may find helpful.




Choosing Your Color

Brides in the past seemed to choose mostly pastel colors. And while there is nothing wrong with a beautiful pastel, colors that pop and even dark colors are in-style and really made your wedding photos stand out. A stunning sea foam green or light pink is perfect for a pastel choice while a vivid purple is eye-catching. Some brides even love to be unique and choose bridesmaids dresses that are dark and even black in color. Whatever stands out to you is perfectly acceptable for your big day and your bridesmaids do not even have to be wearing the same colors.


Short, Long, or In-Between

Bridesmaids back in the day always seemed to wear longer dresses and slowly the dresses started to get shorter. Tea length was a popular option a few years ago and now even short dress are stylish. The point is to choose what makes you happy. An elegant long dress adds height and style and a shorter dress looks fresh and fashion-forward.


Prints or Solids

Most weddings have bridesmaids in dresses that are a solid print. However, nothing says that you cannot have a dress with a print if that is something that you like. Some of the prints feature pastel floral patterns that do not take away from the bride’s gown but still add a splash of color.


How to Choose?

There are a few things to consider when choosing bridesmaids dresses. For one thing, you will want to keep the cost in mind since the bridesmaids are the ones who will be paying for it out of their own pocket. That doesn’t mean you have to necessarily shop for bargains but do be aware of each bridesmaid’s budget.

Keep the season in mind, especially if you do not have a solid idea on your wedding colors. Most brides have some sort of idea of their colors if not the color they want to use. However, if you’re not quite sure, looking at different colors online or in-person will help you gauge an idea of the hues you like the best and what fits in well with your wedding. You might even consider a themed look such as reds and greens during the holidays or mint pastels for a beach wedding. Just make sure that the color you choose is complementary to your wedding. However, don’t think that every bridesmaid has to look exactly alike. You can easily mix it up by having them choose their own style of dress in the color you choose or different colors but in the same style. It’s your wedding – make it your own unique style.


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