10 Different Ideas for Styling a Wedding in Sydney

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

Finding the right style for a wedding can often become challenging when you like different things. This is why you should always work with a wedding planner to come up with myriad style ideas pertaining to your tastes. Here are 10 Different Ideas for Styling a Wedding in Sydney.




One thing that never fails is bringing a musical theme to your wedding. You should never do without wedding entertainers Sydney, because it’s the only thing keeping your evening reception going into the late-night hours.


1. A Simple and Small Wedding

Many couples enjoy paring things down and go for more intimate types of weddings. It’s a smart style to consider if needing to save money, and you don’t have to make it a cheapskate event.

By limiting your guest list and holding your wedding in a park, you can represent your desire to simplify things in your life.

It’s still possible to hire entertainment, including one wedding singer Melbourne to play for you acoustically.

2. Vintage Weddings

Finding older Sydney venues and bringing a retro theme is another popular styling choice. Country settings are popular location spots, as are vintage wedding dresses and decor.

It’s here where you can also add music as a major vintage component. Allowing your wedding singer or band to play tunes from a particular past era sets the perfect retro mood.

3. Rustic Themes

Luxury is always great, but if you and your spouse are more grounded, a rustic theme might suit you. Plenty of farms and barns are out there in the outskirts of Sydney to create a rustic style.

Those of you who like country music can bring that style to your wedding entertainment as well. Most modernised barns and ranches offer sound systems to let entertainers perform.

4. A Beach Theme

A beach style wedding is one typically suitable for high season, yet it’s one of the most popular choices. The Northern Beaches in Sydney are some of the most popular spots, and you’ll find a lot of parks and resorts available for your festivities.

While bringing in entertainers near the beach, a beach theme can mean playing vintage beach songs for weddings to set the atmosphere. A quality wedding singer Sydney or band knows all the best beach-themed playlists.

5. A Floral Theme

Flowers are already a must at any wedding, though you can place more emphasis on floral decorating as a general style. One popular theme is “Sprouting Florals” where you give a more wild and free feeling to flowers and other plants.

Those of you who love nature can create a strong aroma of your favourite flowers throughout your indoor or outdoor venue. Just be sure to warn everyone about the stronger fragrance.

6. A Heritage Theme

Go on Pinterest and you’ll see a lot of ways you can incorporate your family history or heritage into your wedding. You have a lot of possibilities using your family heritage as a wedding style. Music is going to become a strong factor, including dancing.

A quality wedding band or wedding singer accommodates this, allowing your family to dance to music representing your history long into the night.

7. A Modern Wedding

For you younger couples, consider going a little more modern if most of your guests are Millennials. The best booking agencies can provide wedding singers and bands who play the latest contemporary hits.

Many wedding venues in Sydney provide plenty of dance floor space so you can enjoy an entire contemporary set list for hours.

8. Communal Weddings

One way to get all your guests to mingle and start more conversation is to create a communal theme with integrated table spaces.

Fitting all your guests at one long table, you can all grow closer and maintain bonds long after the party ends. While a trendy practice, it’s also convenient for wedding photography. You can capture everyone in one shot when at one table.

9. Dessert Themes

Yet another popular wedding style is to create a dessert bar with unique desserts. Guests may find these more appealing than wedding cake, giving you a uniquely popular theme.

If you stick with a dessert theme, your wedding entertainers can create songlists that pertain to songs about desserts and…yes, sugar.

10. Movie Themes

There isn’t any better correlation between a movie wedding theme and the music you play. For those of you who love film, it’s easy to decorate in this style, including screening your favourite movie during the party.

Better yet, experienced wedding entertainers are going to know all the greatest (and newest) movie songs to keep your guests entertained for hours.

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