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Less than 20 years ago, communicating your wedding to family and friends was primarily all about sending invitations by snail mail. In the internet era, all of that started to gradually change as people realised how useful a website is for promoting weddings. Here are some tips for designing a basic website for your wedding.




While it might still sound offbeat to create a wedding website, it’s one of the best and most convenient ways to reach out to everyone you know. Even better, it doesn’t have to cost a lot thanks to services like WordPress or SquareSpace.

To announce your wedding, how should you design your site? Take a look at some techniques that can give a rundown of what you’ll be doing, including the wedding entertainment.


Your Wedding Announcement

The main page of your wedding site should always include your initial announcement, and going simple is the best plan. Simply announcing your first names and that you’re getting married is enough to convey the exciting message.

What’s most important is the layout and background to convey the specific wedding aesthetic you’re planning. If you have a certain theme in mind, you’ll be able to better decide what colours you’ll use and your graphics.

A simple and uncluttered announcement page creates the excitement. Yet, think about the interior design you’ll be using at your wedding venue to help you think of colour choices. Graphics of the floral arrangements you’ll use at the venue can also help you on deciding images.


Telling Your Love Story

While you’ll want a simple welcome page with your wedding announcement, add a menu offering other pertinent information. Not everyone is going to know about your love story and how you met. Provide a page telling about what led you to marriage for new friends who don’t know you well.

Even some of your family may not know the exact details. If you’re not good at writing, hire someone to write a short bio on your relationship and what you plan for the future.


Providing a Guestbook and Photo Album

Don’t think your website has to stay temporary as just a wedding announcement. It can become useful as a digital guestbook for all attendees after the event occurs.

Also provide an opportunity for people to upload their own photos of the event. This provides some interactivity on your site to maintain visitations.

Of course, providing your own photo album in a convenient section is essential. You’ll have one digital source everyone can visit to see photos of your wedding from all angles.


Listing Your Wedding Entertainment

The wedding entertainment you hire is going to set the entire mood of your wedding. For many, it’s the second biggest attraction next to your wedding itself.

When designing your wedding website, be sure to place a prominent listing of what kind of entertainment you’ll hire. By indicating the style of wedding band or wedding singers Melbourne, visitors are going to know what kind of music theme you have in mind.

Provide a list of all the songs for weddings the wedding singers are going to sing. This alone gives a direct picture to visitors what kind of night they can expect at the party.


Finding and Listing the Best Entertainers

The names of your wedding singers or band are also going to grab attention on your website. It pays to go through a booking agency with good connections to the best entertainers in Australia.

Here at Lily Road, we’re a wedding band working with the best wedding entertainers in the mainland. Every band or wedding singer we connect with has major entertainment world connections you can boast about it on your website.

We’ll provide full details on your performers in advance so you can give backgrounds on them when listing your wedding entertainers.


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