Top 5 Modern Wedding Venues in Sydney

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

Finding a wedding venue in any Australian city is going to mean booking ahead to avoid losing out on the places you really want. While Sydney has more wedding venues than you can count, a lot of them book up fast. However, more than half of them provide a more vintage atmosphere in old mansions or gardens. Read on further to discover the Top 5 Modern Wedding Venues in Sydney.




What if you want a wedding with a more modern environment? Take a look at five popular wedding venues in Sydney that give you the best modern amenities and architecture. These places are also perfect venues for your wedding entertainers Sydney.


1. Starship Sydney and The Pontoon
The chances for a unique wedding around Sydney Harbour are vast considering how many wedding venues exist along the water.
One unique one is Starship Sydney, which is a large boat made of glass. It also uses natural light, giving you a truly modern touch while being directly on the water in the harbour.
They also connect to The Pontoon, which is another boat made of glass that sails harbour waters. Both of these boats are intimate venues giving you something different from the ordinary. At the same time, you’re really enjoying one of the most romantic spots of all, especially when you hold your party on the boats during the evening.
Wedding entertainers can easily perform here, though it’s better to hire smaller bands or a solo performer.

2. Sergeants Mess
If you prefer being outside by a waterfront, you’ll want to check out Sergeants Mess along Chesapeake Bay. It’s known for being one of the most glamorous wedding venues in all of Sydney.
With modern and chic design, the real crown jewel is the elegant and modern reception hall nearby. The red couch area in the bridal suite is known for being a great place to chill out with modern amenities.
To add to the modern touches outside, you’ll be able to enjoy red lounge chairs, plus statement walls to present photos or cards from family and friends. Outdoor amenities are spacious enough for full wedding bands or wedding singers.

Lily Road Band Sergeants Mess Mosman Wedding

Lily Road Band Sergeants Mess Mosman Wedding

3. Luna Park
Those of you looking for something different with a modern theme park touch should consider Luna Park. Known for its colourful carnival, more couples are deciding to hold their weddings there to bring a less formal atmosphere.
To calm nerves, the carnival surroundings with rides often help considerably. It’s even a perfect spot to hold your party afterward, especially riding the carousel and Ferris Wheel.
Sydney Harbour and the famous Opera House are visible not far away, giving you a chance to capture them in the background for your wedding photography.
It’s possible to bring in wedding entertainers here as well to keep the atmosphere continuously high-energy.


4. Dockside
You’ll find this waterfront venue along Darling Harbour and within Cockle Bay Wharf. Dockside is yet another venue using all glass and natural light to bring a simpler form of modernity.
With large, panoramic windows, you’ll get a stunning view of the harbour during your wedding ceremony and reception.
One great modern touch is that Dockside is more or less a blank slate allowing you to customise the space to your liking. For bringing in wedding entertainers, this is a major benefit for the sake of ambiance.

5. Cafe Sydney
For a modern industrial sense of architecture, you’ll find Cafe Sydney a truly unique venue. The cafe is in Circular Quay with more stunning views of Sydney Harbour. They also use large windows to give you the best views, though uses recycled materials from old buildings.
There isn’t anything more modern than a fully recycled wedding venue.
Thanks to a large terrace outside, you can hire wedding entertainers to help you dance the night away.

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