Top 3 Tips for the Perfect First Dance

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Blog, Sydney

The first dance at a wedding can either feel like a magical moment with your loved one or a dreaded and awkward waltz around the room. Before you let the pre-dance jitters get to you, we have some advice.




While a first dance may never really be perfect, the moment can be. By preparing for your special dance on your wedding day, starting early gives you time to learn the moves, build your confidence and make sure your dance is a reflection of you both as a couple. Keep reading to hear our tips to help you have fun and feel good about dancing your first dance.

  1. Start Getting Ready & Practicing Early

The more time you and your partner have to dance together, the more comfortable you’re going to feel and look. This is especially important if you are feeling nervous about dancing in front of others. The Wedding Whisperer, a wedding dance teacher of the past 6 years, recommends starting as early as 12 weeks before your wedding. This way you leave time in case anything were to happen such as an illness, your work schedule, or a holiday.

The earlier the better for any of you two left-footers out there! Not to worry though, everyone can learn a basic few moves that make for a romantic moment on the dance floor.

Starting early will also allow you, your partner, and your dance teacher to figure out the best song and style for your first dance. During this time you will go over the song, the style of the dance, practice the moves and take the time to work on the details.

If something’s not working, you have plenty of time to change it up or improve on it. This is an experience as well as a chance to practice for your wedding day. Starting early gives time for you and your partner to enjoy the process and not worry about trying to learn everything in a rush for your wedding day.

2. Allow Your Dance to be a Reflection of You Both

Your first dance is supposed to be a reflection of both you and your partner, it is the day to celebrate your love for each other after all. Allowing you to create a first dance that makes you both feel comfortable.

This includes picking a wedding song that aligns with who you both are, choosing a dance style that you feel confident dancing, and allowing the dance to work with you and not vice versa.

Picking Your First Dance Song

While for some this may be easy, for others, it can feel like the hardest decision you will have to make. When you choose a song, select one that represents who you both are and one that you will feel confident dancing to.

If you choose to hire a wedding band or a wedding singer, you can create an even more intimate moment. 

Creating Your First Dance

If you have no dance experience, then taking a wedding dance lesson is highly recommended. Not only will the dance teacher show you how to dance, but they will also help you choreograph a dance that is suitable for both you and your partner, and goes with the song you chose.

When it comes to the dance style and the moves, don’t feel the need to go all out and flashy if you’re not ‘flashy’ people. Your dance can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be.

Have Fun With it

This is your day, and it is all about you. Don’t let the stress of being perfect stop you from enjoying yourself on the dance floor. Pick a unique and never-before-used song, add some flair to your routine or keep it simple and elegant. This day and dance are meant to reflect you.

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to your first dance. The only goal is for your first dance to be fun and feel effortless.

3. Practice Your Dance to Like-Tempo Songs 

Have you ever had a favourite song that you put on repeat for a week and by the end of the week you want nothing to do with it? The last thing you want is that happening to your first dance song.

So your special song doesn’t get overplayed, choose to practice with songs that have the same tempo. This way you still get to practice, without the fun being sucked out of it. This will also make you feel more confident as you are focusing on learning the steps based on the tempo and not based on the actual music.

If you are still feeling nervous about the whole idea of dancing in front of everyone you know, here are 10 Tips For Your Wedding Dance that will help settle your nerves and guarantee you are prepared. 


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