Top 5 Modern Wedding Venues in Melbourne

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

The opportunities for wedding venues throughout Australia are vast, especially along any waterfront. If you were hoping to have your wedding in Sydney, Melbourne is going to provide equally excellent wedding venues year-round. Here are our Top 5 Modern Wedding Venues in Melbourne.



While both cities offer vintage venues to give hints of the past, you’ll find just as many modern places to hold your wedding.

Take a look at five of the best modern wedding venues in Melbourne to give you an idea of what’s available each season.

1. Eureka 89
This is an ultra-sleek modern wedding venue that’s designed for cocktail style ceremonies in a high-rise building. On top of it, Eureka 89 gives you floor to ceiling views of metropolitan Melbourne within stunning modern architecture.

The building was designed by noted architect Peter Maddison with two notable rooms in the venue offering equally fantastic views. You’ll have a choice between Northern Point Room or the Southern Point Room, though both are easy to customise to your wedding theme.

For wedding entertainers, this is one of the best venues to play. Each room is large enough where you could book a full-size band, or just one wedding singer Melbourne for an intimate party.

2. The Melbourne Zoo
You’re starting to see more trends where couples pick theme parks and other fun places to hold their wedding. It makes sense if you want to remove all the nervous formalities of your ceremony.

Melbourne Zoo is a perfect place to do this within a modern atmosphere. There isn’t anything more modern than breaking the rules of common wedding venues and being a little more casual.

Amid the beautiful nature and animals, the zoo has various wedding venues designed just for you. If you have an animal or nature theme to your wedding, this is the perfect spot. One good example is the Giraffe Lookout with a visual link to the nearby Giraffe and Zebra Exhibit.

Hiring a band in any of these venues works well thanks to excellent acoustics.

3. The Deck at Circa
More modern wedding venues are popping up in Melbourne and Sydney that are made of glass and use natural lighting. The Deck at Circa is one of the best ones in this department.

Resembling a gallery, this venue has Circa Kitchen nearby to accommodate all your food. It’s possible to hold up to 120 for lunch, but can hold 500 for your cocktail party.

At the top floors, you’ll be able to enjoy the entire St. Kilda skyline to add to the atmosphere. They leave it open to your own customised theme, making it much easier when bringing in your wedding entertainers.

4. The Point
Also known as The Point Albert Park, this is another venue with modern architecture employing floor to ceiling glass windows. Once again, it’s an example of modern wedding venues using natural lighting.

Views of Albert Park Lake and St. Kilda’s skyline are spectacular here, though The Point is noted for having great facilities to create modern entertaining.

On the first floor is a huge dance floor, making it perfect for your wedding band Melbourne to perform. Why not hire a large band here to help your guests take advantage of the amenities?

5. Aerial by Food & Desire
Here you have (arguably) the uniquest wedding venue in all of Melbourne. Known for a floating staircase, opulent drapery, and marble floors, Aerial gives you every quirky modern touch you can want. The name food&desire is the attached restaurant to cater your food.

Inside, you’ll get a 180-degree view of the Bolte Bridge, Docklands, Southern Cross Station, and Melbourne’s skyline. They also cater to same-sex couples, which isn’t always easy to find.

Take a look at their floor plan to give you an idea of their modern design. They also offer a large dance floor and a spacious stage for your wedding entertainers or DJ.

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