Healthy ways to stick to diets to get your ideal wedding body shape

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

A wedding is a big day for anyone, requiring a lot of time and preparation to coordinate well. This preparation often includes the budget you have, the food that will be served, the wedding DJ, the timing and structure of events, what you will be wearing, and who you should invite. However, there are other things that you should also consider for your big day. Everyone wants to look their best for the wedding, and some preparation is usually needed for this, unless you are already a fitness fanatic or are comfortable with your current body type. Most people, though, want to be in peak shape on the day which will require some work to achieve. Read on for some tips for healthy ways to stick to diets to get your ideal wedding body shape in 2020.


Achieving this is easier said than done, with a healthy diet and possibly a workout regimen being required to accomplish these goals. This can be incredibly difficult for most people who are just starting out with diets and fitness. Often, many people will fail for a variety of reasons and will fall short of hitting their goals. These goals should be stuck to; however, some people may obsess over them and in turn, be led down an unhealthy path.

That being said, here are some healthy ways to stick to a diet and fitness regimen when wanting to achieve your ideal body for your wedding day. But first check out your body type by taking this short quiz.

Don’t view it as a pain or a chore

Yes, a new diet can be annoying to follow after eating what you want for your whole life. And yes, getting used to working out regularly and feeling sore can also be disrupting and painful. However, having this mentality will only make you dread the days to come and fear the upcoming workout, thereby making it harder than it has to be. Diets and fitness are 90% a mind game and should be treated as such. If you view each day of eating healthy, and each workout as steps towards your ideal body for your big wedding day, it will make it all the much easier to follow. Thinking about your end goal and vision will help to make the meals and workouts pass faster, and help you work harder towards your ideal wedding body. This applies to many things in life, and especially when it comes to the diet and exercise needed to achieve your wedding body.

Take small steps towards realistic goals

Setting yourself an unrealistic goal is bad enough; trying to then take significant steps towards it will end with you crashing and burning out. An ideal body isn’t achieved overnight and must be worked towards with baby steps, particularly if you have never stuck to a diet or a fitness regimen before. It is essential to set yourself smaller, more realistic goals to achieve, as, over time, these will contribute to achieving the larger goal of your ideal wedding body.

These small steps could include ensuring you stick to your diet for a certain number of days during a week, then allowing yourself a cheat day or two (being careful not to go overboard though). You can then gradually work your way up into sticking to this diet for the whole week and onwards. Doing so makes a new regime less painful and gradually introduces it into your routine, instead of flipping your regular diet on its head which would make it all the more painful to stick with and can disrupt your ‘flow’.

The same goes for a fitness routine, which can be followed 1-2 days a week and slowly built up into 3-4 and so on. This again gives you time to become used to the routine as well as letting your body recover and become accustomed to being worked.

Team up with a partner

Maybe your groom is also looking to achieve a better body and look for the wedding day, or maybe one or more of your bridesmaids has the same idea.

By teaming up with someone, you are both going to share the same woes and pains, and this makes it much more manageable. By ‘sharing the load’, you both will have the same vision and goals and will be able to motivate each other to keep going. Cooking healthy meals together, or sharing different and exciting recipes, can help you to stick to your meal plan, as you have an obligation to eat the same thing as each other. Working out together will see you motivating each other to push on when it hurts or gets hard. Teamwork dramatically improves motivation and resilience and will achieve results. By having the same goals, you will both be striving towards them together.

Track your progress

This could be by taking photos every week, using a weight scale or even trying on your wedding dress until you believe you have achieved your ideal wedding body. By tracking your progress, you can see the results you have achieved weekly, and this will help to motivate you to stick to your diet and workouts. They will also help you feel proud of yourself as you achieve your smaller goals working up until your greater objective. For these reasons, it is vital to track your fitness progress.


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