Moby Dicks Whale Beach is the Perfect Setting for your Fabulous Beach Wedding

by | May 9, 2017 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

Have you considered a beach setting for your wedding? A beach wedding can be a unique and memorable way to celebrate your love and will give your guests fond memories of your big day. From the lapping waves to warm sand and hot sun, you will be hard-pressed to find a better way to seal your love with your partner. Moby Dicks is an excellent choice when it comes to beach wedding venues. Here are a few reasons why we love Moby Dicks Whale Beach. We hope you will find this information helpful and agree that Moby Dicks Whale Beach is the perfect setting for your fabulous beach wedding!




A Wedding to Fit All Your Needs

With up to 150 seated guests, you will have flexibility on size options whether you are looking to have a big party of a wedding or a cozy intimate celebration. You will also be provided with food and beverage options that will please and delight the senses and give you a variety of options to choose from. The creative interactive dining experience is a major selling point and the expert chefs will work tirelessly to deliver taste that will not disappoint. What more could you ask for?


A Great Setting For Wedding Photos

When it comes to weddings, one of the most important considerations is the photography. Memories are fleeting but the pictures are how you will immortalize your day forever. Moby Dicks Whale Beach will provide you with a picturesque setting that will give you breathtaking photos with its panoramic backdrop of the gorgeous beach. If you are looking for a place that will provide you with stunning pictures to commemorate your special day, Moby Dicks whale beach has what you are looking for.


What the Customers are Saying

If you still are not sure if Moby Dicks Whale Beach is the venue for you, please do not take our word for it. This is what other customers are saying about this gorgeous setting.


The food was absolutely amazing and so fresh, the service was excellent, the room was perfectly decorated and the view is looking out to the beautiful Whale Beach.

-Krystal C


This classic restaurant was the venue for a wedding reception. The staff, food, location went beyond value for the money. They personally cared about the guests and took into consideration a serious personal illness with a depth of understanding that placed them in the superior category! They packed away impeccably and made every guest feel special.-Sal W


Everything about this was wonderful, the Staff, food ,Venue, the amazing views. The location and the area was just spectacular.   -Pauliena C


Attended a wedding and reception here yesterday. Words are inadequate to describe the magnificence of the overall experience. From the moment of arrival, we were greeted with genuine smiles and charm, handed a glass of bubbly – or in my husband’s case, asked what he would like instead and within moments a beer materialized in his hand – the bar was set high and through the ceremony and subsequent reception, was not one moment where there was a service fail. -Imogen O


Choosing the Right Wedding Band For Your Special Day

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