Sydney Wedding at Doltone House Hyde Park

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Blog, Melbourne, Sydney

If you’re looking for a perfect wedding venue in the Sydney area, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many as luxurious as your Sydney Wedding at Doltone House Hyde Park. However, no matter how romantic Doltone House is, the surrounding features are always enhanced with the perfect music.




Searching for wedding entertainment is something you’ll sometimes have to find on your own. As you’ve probably experienced in the past with other wedding band Sydney , not all fit well with the atmosphere. Their set lists might not always align with the ambiance you’ve chosen, hence making things a bit awkward.


Weddings at Doltone House Hyde Park Sydney are still well worth your effort. Let’s look at the features you can enjoy there while exploring how our Lily Road Band can bring you just the right entertainment.


The Hyde Park Venue

While Doltone House has numerous venues, the one that overlooks Hyde Park in Sydney is truly something to behold. Many corporate events are held here regularly, though it’s also booked solidly for weddings.


The reasons are evident: It’s extremely spacious when you have to invite up to more than 700+ wedding guests. Plus, if you prefer more contemporary surroundings, the Hyde Park venue gives you some of the most modern and sophisticated decor of any other venue available.


You’ll have numerous large rooms and quarters in the Hyde Park venue for specific events throughout the day. Overall, it’s possible to use the entire venue for every wedding event if you prefer being indoors for the festivities.


The Hyde Park Ballroom

Take a look at the fact sheet for this venue and you’ll see the luxury of the awe-inspiring ballroom. This has windows all the way around for uninterrupted views of nearby Hyde Park. It’s also pillarless for a vast central space to move around.


The design even boasts natural lighting from the surrounding windows. When you prefer natural light for wedding photography, this is the best place.


You’ll also find all the best technology here from touchscreens (for controlling the window shades), to a state-of-the-art audio-visual room. In the latter, you’ll be able to hire the best wedding entertainment you’ll find in Sydney.


Those of us in the Lily Road Band offer the most eclectic programming and talent you’ll find to match the gorgeous Hyde Park surroundings.


The Manhattan & Avenue Venue

If the ballroom seems spacious enough for your wedding, you have other rooms within the Hyde Park building. The Manhattan and Avenue rooms go with a New York City inspired design for fans of the Big Apple.


In the Manhattan, you’ll find a mix of contemporary and old-world design. At the same time, it’s a slightly more intimate space for a smaller guest list. As such, it’s a perfect space for your wedding singer Sydney. The songs for your wedding party have a stronger intimacy this way, especially when your favourite wedding singer Melbourne sings right to the guests.


Not far away is the Avenue room, which is even smaller and designed for up to 50 people. It’s a perfect spot for a cocktail reception after the wedding dinner winds up.


Plus, it’s another good spot for your wedding band. We can play any venue like this and bring an exemplary entertainment experience during ceremonies, or for the dance floor.


Top Food and Catering

To round off your Doltone House experience, they provide some of the most delectable wedding food in Sydney. One reason for this is their attention to fresh ingredients and premium meats. Plus, they do catering if you hold your wedding at another venue.


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