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While every detail of your wedding is important – the dress, the flowers, the food – the most memorable and enjoyable part of your big day is the wedding entertainment. Because there are so many things you have to think of and prepare, choosing the right wedding band Melbourne is often one of the last items on the list – even though it’s one of the most important! As soon as you’ve said “I do”, it’s all about the party!

It can be confusing when asked what size band you’re after for your wedding, because it’s probably not something you’ve ever had to think of before. A basic band will include drums, bass guitar, lead guitar and vocals. This line-up will definitely get the party started. Adding additional members from this basic line-up is completely up to you and your personal preference. If you’re after something different, you might want to consider adding keyboard, a female singer, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and more percussion.

Of course, adding these instruments and band members will increase the price, so consider these points before you decide.


  • Modern dance music (such as artists like Calvin Harris) uses synthesized keyboard sounds, so the cover will sound more like the original.
  • Classic songs with piano and organ sounds will sound even more beautiful.


  • Generally, a broader wedding song choice if you have both female and male vocals.
  • Beautiful harmonies with multiple wedding singers.
  • On-stage charisma, and interaction, between singers.


  • More options for music genres, e.g Mowtown, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Pop, Rock and Big Band.
  • Can add spice to older songs, making them sound new again.
  • Great for over dinner and dance sets.


  • Amazing addition for Latin music.

While all the pros make these additions seem like a great idea, you’ll need to remember than having addition instruments will take up more room, so think about the size of your reception venue, and how much room your guests will need when they hit the dance floor. And, as mentioned earlier, the price of the wedding band will increase with each additional instrument.

Finding the right wedding band Sydney will make or break your reception. A great idea is to check out a live show by the band you’re considering, and see how they interact with the crowd and with each other. Experience, and how regularly they play together is the key.

If you do choose to go along to a gig, or checking out their online videos, here are a few things to look out for.


  • Genres of the music they cover.
  • Dynamics with playing quietly and loudly at important points.
  • Their personalities – are they smiling and enjoying themselves, or will they just blend into the background at your wedding?
  • Their attire.
  • Are they entertaining?
  • Does the lead singer engage with the crowd, getting them involved with singing, dancing, clapping along?
  • Do they sound professional?

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