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Sometimes all that is needed for great wedding entertainment is a solo guitar player who sings all the golden tunes. This could be the right option for an intimate wedding setting of up to 60 people. Beyond that number of guests, you might want to consider a full-band option.


An experienced solo wedding singer should be able to perform the right songs for weddings for your entire day and night playing gentle ballads for your ceremony, cruisey tunes over canapés, groovy songs over dinner and up-tempo dance floor crackers late into the night.

The pros of a soloist are that they’re perfect for small weddings. They’re cost effective, won’t take up much space with a small and compact set-up, and have a large repertoire. They can even take requests. But, if you’re having a large affair, a soloist could be too chilled out for a bigger wedding.


A tight duo can be unreal! If they play together often, they have ways of performing songs that can be quite unique with their instrumentation and beautiful harmonies, especially if they are both strong wedding singers. Much like an experienced soloist, they should be able to cover all parts of the wedding.


There is no doubt that having a vibrant Wedding band Sydney or wedding band Melbourne is the key to a great night. A medium-sized wedding of 80 guests or more would probably suit the bigger band option. Having said that, a smaller wedding with a full band and a bunch of really fun guests can also make for a great night. Regardless of your preference, the band will be the life of the party, and a full wedding band will appear grand.

Obviously, the bigger the band, the more you’re going to fork out. They’re also going to take up more room than a soloist and a duo, so think about your venue size before making up your mind.

Often, the best option is to have a soloist or duo for your ceremony, duo for the canapés and full wedding band for the reception. This combination gives you the best of both worlds, shakes things up and keeps the entire experience exciting and entertaining.

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